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Wed November 28 at 6:00 PM, Chez Prince Street
2008 Prince St, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
My core group of gamers is sort of flagging, and we would like to bolster it with new members, if anyone's interested. This is for board and card gaming in specific. If you're interested and it seems like a good idea for you to come, it probably is! This isn't a meetup, though - the gathering will be about gaming. The location is about 1 1/2 blocks from Ashby BART.
We usually meet at my (non-accessible, sorry - there are 9 stairs up from sidewalk level and an additional transom up from the porch to the house floor, which is mostly level) house around 6 - 6:30 p. We usually end around 10:00 p. It's usually ever other Wednesday.

You can bring some of either. You may share if you like. Others may offer to share with you. I have a full/extensive bar in the same room as our main table (I say this as a warning to people who are sober). Some snacks will likely be supplied. We usually expect you to have had or to bring your own dinner.

Our group is mostly cis het white Berkeley/Alameda dudes. I am trans, and highly intersectional. Our members are (generally - except for me) not strongly political. We are careful, but some of us have realms of knowledge/experience where we aren't woke. We are mostly Gen X. One of us is a rules lawyer who likes to discuss game play with others, or run or strongly advise in coop games. He's one of the group's founders and brings many of the games we play.

Location: I'm promoting this because it's at my house, but occasionally we meet at Chuck & Alana's house that's 5 blocks from the North Berkeley BART station. It's super accessible, but I can't promote it without his permission and I haven't asked. Stay tuned on that. And let me know if you're interested but need access.

If you're interested in these kinds of activities, we'd love for you to come! Please RSVP so I can get a sense of headcount. Mine is rather a small house, and we don't have that much furniture. :)

Sorry for the short notice. I'll post about others when we firm up the dates. And please do let me know if you're interested in general but can't come to this specific one. I may publicize 2 or 3 here and move on if it's absolutely crickets.
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I'm interested but probably can't make this one; my family has a weekly Wednesday thing that we're trying to move to Friday but that involves coordinating with other people.

What kind of board and card games?
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I'm also interested but due to just seeing this now, I have plans already. I'd be happy to come if I end up being free before it gets too late in the evening. I am definitely interested in future iterations even if I can't make it this time.
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We play the kinds of games you'll find on Last session we played Lord of the Fries from Cheap Ass Games. A few sessions ago, it was a coop game called Magic Maze. This time around I suggested Wiz War and/or Nuclear War (and its expansions). We've also played Lords of Waterdeep, Mice and Mystics, Elder Sign, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, Pandemic. I think we tend to prefer American versus Euro board games but do play some Euro games. Last time we even considered Ogre as a possible future game. And I keep planning to buy Last Night on Earth to play with the group.
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I’m interested but I’m not that experienced & might need some help, is that ok, it’s ok if it’s not.
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I'm pretty sure that'd be okay. If you're okay with rather thorough explanations.
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I'm very interested, but can't make this one.
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I'm interested, but I need to confirm plans tonight since it's a little short notice. I'll get back to here once I have a better idea :)
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talked over plans and I will be there and fed beforehand!
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Ahhh talk about last minute! Only seeing this now. Very interested, not sure if I can make this one due to short notice.

cis het not white not male millennial (yikes) may need some help

please count me for the next one for sure!
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as it turns out will probably be there closer to 1830 :/
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Hope this was/is good! I would be interested, but the commute is hard...
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Hi everyone! I'm sorry but tonight, jenquat and I will not be able to host gaming. Our alternate location is gaming but it's old home night down at the ranch and they're full up on holiday guests so unfortunately that's not an option for gaming tonight either.

During the holidays it would likely be best to reach out to me to confirm whether gaming is happening (and where). You are welcome to drop me a note here at MeFi, in MeMail, or email me or even text me if you have my number (or at my Google Voice number- 510-815-9847). (To any rightly questioning mods, yes I am willingly posting these contact methods, aware of the privacy risks.)

I will post another IRL post when we have our next date for gaming at my house finalized.

Also so you don't waste a trip tonight I will try to reach out to everyone now in MeMail too.
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