Stockholm Dinner/Fika Wed 30 Jan 19:00
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Wed January 30 at 7:00 PM, Café Sten Sture
Trångsund 10, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden (Map & Directions)
In 1792, the underground Café Sten Sture in Gamla Stan was a prison. According to its website, "It’s an amazing experience to sit in our caves from 1400 century. We have many cozy and exciting Caves." It was fun in November, when two additional MeFites made an appearance. It will also be fun in January!
The place closes at 21:00. The menu leans heavily toward meat. There are some vegetarian options (including broccoli quiche, mushroom crepes, moussaka, vegetarian pizza, and cheese sandwiches).

At the November meet up, as a group, we liked Sebastian, the man behind the bar. We liked jan murray and St. Oops, who were new to me. We liked that anthill and meijusa also made it. We enjoyed the nooses hanging from one ceiling and the big booth up front. Moreover, we approved of the 39-crown beer and the fact that you can have dinner or a fika or just a beer, so we are going back.

In January we will celebrate jan murray's birthday and the anniversary of my move to Sweden plus anything you and/or any guests want to celebrate. Please join us!
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Would love to but have ski plans! Must get out there while the getting is good.
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Everything about this place sounds amazing! I’ve got yoga on Wednesday’s and don’t dare miss it, but maybe another time I could come back into town after :) have a lovely time and thank you for the reminder, really appreciate that you’re doing so much to make this happen, much hugs!
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Thanks for the updates, anthill and Iteki. Note: Happy to move the March meeting to a Tuesday.
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