There's no voodoo in Gainesville.
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Are there any MeFites in Gainesville, FL?
The fact that it took a month before I saw an alligator in the wild nearly gave me a brain aneurysm, which is my third biggest fear, right behind crocodiles and my biggest fear of all: alligators.

How long will it take me to spy a wild MeFite here in Gainesville, FL? (Yes, that Gainesville.)
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We're in FL, just north of Jacksonville (yes there is a bit of Florida north of Jacksonville and it is pretty lovely. We don't get your way much but I will say that I like the idea of more of us around these parts, even if only roughly so.
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I'm in Jacksonville. Well, not at this very moment. Right now, I'm in Amsterdam with my family. But, you know, generally I'm in Jacksonville.
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I'm in St. Augustine!
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We are in Green Cove Springs, just south of Jacksonville and north of Palatka.
Maybe have a meetup in Palatka one weekend? I don't know Palatka at all well but Trip Advisor gives a good mark to The Magnolia Cafe.
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I'd be down for a Palatka meetup! I don't really know that town besides the Ravines (which are awesome) but I've heard good things about Magnolia too.
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I'd also be game to host or lead something here in St. Augustine if folks are interested.
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I might attend a Jacksonville meetup, but that's about as far south as I would venture for a day trip.
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I'm in Jacksonville, and would love a meetup before moving to the Pacific Northwest!
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I live in Jax Beach specifically, the building that used to be Jax Beach City Hall. I also grew up here and have been an Airbnb host, so I know a fair bit about the history and sights. I'd be delighted to co-host or co-organize a gathering.
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I'm in Jacksonville (Mandarin) and have family in Palatka. I'm down for a meetup anywhere between here and Tampa.
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