Dinner and Drinks -- Tampa Bay/St. Pete
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Sat September 29 at 7:30 PM, Red Mesa Cantina
128 3rd St S, St. Petersburg, FL, USA (Map & Directions)
It seems like every 2-3 years a Tampa Bay meetup gets proposed. It looks like it's about time for another one...We'll be meeting at Red Mesa Cantina on Saturday, September 29 at 7:30 pm for dinner and drinks. Try to give me a heads up if you can make it, so I can let the restaurant know. Looking forward to getting to know some St. Pefites!
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Yes! I have a standing commitment on the third Saturday of each month, but I’m definitely down for a meetup.
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Depending on the Saturday, I’m down for some dinner and drinks!
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yes!!!! I am in!! st pete would be ideal!
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A bit of a haul, but would depend on the date.
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We're not there but we've been introduced to Burns steakhouse on a visit down from our stomping grounds north of Jacksonville and it was sublime, and not as expensive as I feared, I think places in NYC or the like would be 3 or 4 times as much. The desert room upstairs is even more of a deal. Seriously, I know a bit about nice resteraunts, if only from the server training point of view and it put all that to shame. Do the tour they offer, it's impressive.

Perhaps not a meet-up type place, though maybe as I don't know y'alls' tastes, but a nice night out could start off at worse places.
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Would Sat, Sept 29 work? As an alternate, is Sat, Oct 6 be better? Hawkers sounds good, but lmk if there are objections/preferable alternatives.
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The 29th works for me. Hawkers is amazing but it's super loud in there. Red mesa cantina is good and roomy especially upstairs plus lots of fresh air. If you want to come further down central Hawthorne bottle shop is awesome. Cappys pizza is great and has like semi private rooms and outdoor seating too
We've tried to hit most of the places around here if you want to throw something else out there.
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Yeah, Hawkers is a big steel tent and it sounds just like it inside.
I also would not recommend Maple Street Biscut, as you don't get a lot for your money. A bit too hipster for me.
I would recommend Urban Brew and BBQ, but I don't know what folks dietary requirements are.
I'm low carb, so this is heaven for me. The service is a bit slow, but it's worth the wait.
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Urban Brew and BBQ sounds awesome, but the 29th is a Rays game, and parking/seating may be an issue. Red Mesa Cantina sounds like a good alternative. Y'all let me know if that's cool, and I'll shift this event over from proposed to an actual for reals meetup.
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i think that sounds good! excited!!!
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doggone it. somehow just seeing this now. I'd love to do a meetup but at this point I'm kind of swamped.
if you all ever get down to sarasota, holler. would love to put faces to handles, etc!
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I'll be wearing a yellow checked shirt. I'll wear my beard too.
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Batbat and i are at the back lower bar. Ask for metafilter at the hostess stand.
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Well those of us who showed up had an awesome time!!! Hopefully better attendance next time!
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