Pub Trivia @ George & Dragon
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Tue August 28 at 8:00 PM, George & Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm visiting my hometown and would love to see some mefites, eat some onion rings, and attempt to remember the capital of Kyrgyzstan! (In case it comes up, it's Bishkek.) Let's quiz it up, mefites!
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We have been doing a semi-regular pub quiz thing on Tuesdays at the George and Dragon in Fremont.
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I strongly second Mr Bartfast. Much like zombies, we are always enthusiastic about fresh brains. For answering questions of course!

Alternate meeting location: Wedgewood Broiler AKA the Sir Wedgewood. Home of the largest tub of butter in Seattle.
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I am up for either or both! (The Broiler used to have a Sunday trivia night, actually--not a very good one, but the drinks are cheap and stiff, and you can order a salad that has cheez-its for croutons, because hey, The Broiler! don't ask questions.) My friends and I would go regularly; by tradition, we'd order a "viceroy," which was our name for a Roy Rogers with whiskey. I doubt anyone there would know what a viceroy is anymore, though.

But mind that second e, you. It's Wedgwood!

But yeah, George and Dragon is like, objectively the better choice. Also, I'm pretty sure there's no longer trivia at The Broiler.
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Argh, apologies. Thirty + years in Seattle (including innumerable salads with cheez-its) and I’m still slipping up.

George and Dragon would be preferable if transportation’s not a issue.
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Keeping my eye on this!
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I am potentially up for this but am not sure yet.
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Hi, Seattle! I'm a Mefite who has just moved to the area. I look forward to meeting everyone and answering some trivia!
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What's the max on team size? I might be able to finally make one of these but don't want to overcrowd.
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I think 5, but the more the merrier. We can do 2 teams if we want!
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6 is the max but when we have more than that we usually split into equal teams, although there is precedent for 7 where one person honorably didn’t answer questions but still enjoyed the company and conversation. They’ve changed the buy in, so that it’s per person, like $2 or something, instead of per team.

Note, the winning team, which is usually made of Mefites, not only gets the pot ($50-$100) but a free pitcher of beer, so pace your drinking accordingly. The quiz is usually over by ten.

Also, the food is not good. Onion rings are acceptable. Burgers and fish and chips are somewhat edible. Plan ahead.

We’re not inflexible about this, but the most common team name we have used is Manifest Destiny’s Child (shoutout to quiet coyote!) and Crimson Ramblers.

Look forward to this. For real, if you’re new, please come. We are socially awkward and are more afraid of you than you are of us.
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Yes, I strongly second the motion to attend if you haven’t before or haven’t for a while. Do not hesitate to come if you think there will be too many for a team!

I was not aware that I was socially awkward, but looking back on my life that would explain a great deal.
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Oh shit. Forget everything I said.

I kid, of course. Helen is lovely. And there are a surprising number of questions about Canada.
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I don't have a smartphone, so I won't be checking back into the thread before trivia starts. But I'm super excited!

For duffell-spotting purposes, I'm a tall and chunky dude with long hair. I'm wearing a shirt that features a unicorn riding a triceratops, and pink and purple toe socks with sandals. If there's a fashion prize, I've got a fucking lock.
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Really looking forward to this! I'm quite tall with blue hair, and will probably be toting a bike helmet. Going to try to get there a bit before 8, depending on when I finish dinner. (And because I will inevitably get lost at some point :) )
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Helen and I have arrived and are the two t shirt clad people squatting two tables in the raised area.
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Update: I'm stuck on the wrong side of the gone-up bridge, so don't worry about starting without me!
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I am here in a tank top.
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Ugh. Sorry, family considerations make it a no go for me tonight. I'm bummed, as I'd really like to meet y'all IRL. Next time.

duffell, if you are up for Broiler or alternate Wedgwood institution The Fiddler while you're in town, let me know. Second time might be the charm. Cheers!

ETA: and I missed Slarty in a tank? This is truly the darkest timeline....
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For the record, we split into two teams and finished first and second. I think I was on the first place team, I can’t remember, it was really all about the friends we made along the way.
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