Istanbul meetup?
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Any mefites around Istanbul?
Buluşalım mı? Çay içeceğiz. Asian side, European side, I don't care.
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I am in Fethiye! not Istanbul :-( ... But, I will be in Istanbul for the last week of March. Maybe we could have another meet up then??
posted by Surfurrus at 6:27 AM on February 7, 2011

üf! I was in Istanbul for almost 2 years.. just left this fall. Wish I could be there!
posted by hasna at 1:01 AM on February 8, 2011

I may be coming through Istanbul in early/mid-April if you feel like waiting that long.
posted by gingerbeer at 10:12 PM on February 13, 2011

More specifically, I will be in Istanbul April 8-12, if you feel like meeting a visiting American mefite.
posted by gingerbeer at 8:06 PM on February 26, 2011

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