Can the Best of the Web be instantiated in Singapore?
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After 2 months of constant shuttling between Seattle and Singapore (where I had never been until 2 months ago) I realized that there might be some MeFites (pronunciation flexible) in residence in Singapore. I just learned I will be going again and staying for three weeks (April 17 - May 4). So: Anyone interested in a meetup?
We do trivia here in Seattle but I am open to anything that does not involve toxic masculinity. Although: If we can do it before April 20, I will bring along a professional Elvis impersonator (sorry, “ re- enactor”).

I have been spending my non-working time tromping around Singapore randomly and sweating profusely and would enjoy a local meet-up. Anything involving good food would be doubleplusgood.
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There is interest! This is great.

the cydonian, do you have any suggestions for venue? I’m afraid anything I could come up with would be embarrassingly touristy. I’m completely mobile - mostly MRT but can easily taxi if needed.
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Live here. We just had a Mefi member who permanently relocated away from Singapore. We have had meet ups in the past; haven’t kept pace as I too have been away for a bit. Love trivia, but haven’t done trivia nights in a while.

How does brunch on Saturday sound like?
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Heh, typed in earlier but didn’t hit send. Did so just now. :)

Let’s see on activities:
1) The most local thing I can think of is to find a nice hawker centre and have coffee/ local breakfast. Tiong Bahru’s hawker centre and Alexandra Village come to mind.
2) Couple of not-so-well-known museums around as well. Indian Heritage Center, Battle Box etc among others.
3) Generally love to take walks in Botanic Gardens with the kid and wife. There’s a new section I haven’t seen as yet, and there’s a decent coffee place at both ends of the Gardens.
4) There’s the Car Free Sunday happening at one-north on April 29. Should be fun. Disclaimer: am one of the tour guides for the walks there.

All depends on the time of the day, really. Could think of more depending on the time.
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Yes! I can't do Sat mornings (play're welcome to join if you're keen), but I stay near Old Airport Road hawker centre (near Geylang) and am a bona fide local. Lunch, dinner all possible. Practically don't check my memail, but telegram me at appleses if we are doing this!
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