Meetup in Rome? Anyone?
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Oh hey - the Mr. and I will be in Rome this month from 26 March to 4 April. Anyone want to meetup for aperitivo? Or suggest someplace to eat for Easter supper? Thanks!
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Not yet sure I'll be around, but: where are you staying, and what's your idea of a great supper, fancy/refined, authentic/heartwarming, or unusual/experimental?
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We are staying very central, Via Dei Pettinari, a quarter block from the Ponte Sisto.
We would love some suckling lamb - doesn’t have to be ON Easter, as I know it’s late to get in somewhere.
Failing lamb, we tend more toward hearty, “authentic”food. Thanks for any suggestions, and let us know if you want to meet up! I have a Rome bus app, so we’re pretty good at busing places.
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You're in the heart of the city - my long-time favourite, 10 minutes from you, is Armando al Pantheon - nowadays you can even book online, it seems...
A bistrot-type place just around the corner from you is Pianostrada. And there's a new, somewhat upmarket place that's just opened, at your end of via Giulia, Ristorante Giulia, which I hadn't expected to be quite as excellent when we went there a couple of months ago.
I'll catch up if&when I know I'll be in town - buon appetito, meantime!
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Thanks so much for the Pianostrada rec, we went and loved it!
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Sorry to see the city's getting drenched...

I imagine you have your cultural agenda lined up, right?
In case it doesn't include the whimsy of the Fornasetti exhibit in the lovely Palazzo Altemps, and even more so the seriously surprising and delightful Time Is Out Of Joint rearrangement of the stately Galleria d'Arte Moderna's permanent collection - these are two unusual occasions to see Italian/Roman culture in live dialogue/dialectic, rather than just the usual old iconic orthodoxy.

Also: another unique food joint that's just reopened, that's very central: Retrobottega (they now take reservations). And, if they're open, a boutique-yet-cozy-"street food"-joint is Supplizio, also very close by you.

(Oh, and in case what's missing from your Easter is real Roman chocolate, see if Moriondo&Gariglio is open, it's like a little old jeweller's shop...)

Buona Pasqua!
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We were safe inside during the very exciting thunderstorms!
Yeasterday and today both promise to be very nice. Thanks for the excellent advice re: Pianostrada - we ate dinner there on Friday, and it was excellent. We’ll be trying Supplizio today, providing they are open.
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