New to Houston. Would love to meet some MeFites
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I moved here in January. I don't know anyone beyond my wife. I thought I'd see if there was anyone here that would be interested in a meet up. I live in the Montrose area, so inside the loop would be best. Drinks somewhere would be great, but something more unique would be cool too.
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i'm interested in meeting new people and live in montrose as well. i just had a baby and just went back to work, though, so my spare time situation is a bit grim.
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Welcome to Houston! There's a decent sized Mefite contingent here, though fair warning that we can be hard to corral as folks are busy and spread out, so hopefully you can expand your friend base a bit.

I'm guessing you may not be familiar enough with the area to name locations to meet just yet, but do you have some days/times that work better for you?
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Montrose represent!

I work a bunch and train more -- insane cyclist -- but I could be down for a beer someplace.
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Hi there! We are a spread out group, but alas I'm in Montrose as well! Me and my husband RobotRex always up for meeting Mefites!
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Hey, welcome to town! We have been known to get together, but as people have mentioned it's sometimes hard to get everyone on board. As someone who's organized a couple of the meetups, best way to do it is just pick a date and work from there once we have a headcount. Given that we're about to have our two days of Spring, now's a good time and we maybe might even find some place to sit outside.
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Welcome to Houston! I hope that Montrose and Med Center are close enough together that I can meet you in person.
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I'm way out in the southwest suburbs, but always up for a meet-up if I can find time.
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I am up in the NW, but would be happy to drive in to meet if schedules permit. Welcome to Houston!
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Thanks everyone! Sorry for the delay. I'd love to maybe plan for something the last week of March or the first week of April. I don't know if a week day or a weekend would be better for folks but I have a pretty open schedule. Any day but Wednesday, really. So happy to have this kind of response!
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I'm near the Galleria and would be very down for my first Houston meet-up! Just put a date on the calendar and we'll put our chips down. I'm up for M/W/F, or on the weekend, for what it's worth.
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That sounds great, coreywilliam! Agreed with a good beginning and others that it's probably easiest to pick a date and see who can make it. If you're looking for more input to narrow it down, I'm generally busy Thursdays but could probably swing a meetup anyway and will be out of town most of the first week of April so would prefer the last week of March or second week of April.
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A band I like, Miss Mojo from New Orleans, is playing at the HoB on May 2nd, opening for Ripe. I'll be there, if anyone else wants to join me.
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