zachlipton in NYC!
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Wed March 28 at 6:00 PM, Revival
129 E 15th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey New Yorkers! and nearby Connecticuters and Jerseyites! Delightful (and megathread-famous) Mefite zachlipton will be in town on the evening of Wednesday, March 28. Let's get drinks!

****UPDATE: Revival has apparently changed ownership and is now called Mercy (thanks to hoyland for the heads up). Same address - 129 East 15th Street.
I'm marking this for perennial favorite Revival at 6:00pm, although I can get there earlier if folks are wandering over from work or whatever. Hope to see everyone there!
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Darn! I'd love to be able to get to this one!
(I'm passing through NYC on the 3rd and 12th of March, alas.)
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Pics of you and lalex or GTFO.
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My biggest fear here is that my flight in gets cancelled and lalex winds up alone awkwardly trying to insist we really and truly are two people and calling this meetup wasn't some kind of elaborate effort to further the joke.
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why are you giving away the plan zach
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I think that works for me! I was just wondering yesterday about posting a meetup but this is better!
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I will absolutely try to be there!
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I'm going to try to join too! (Though I feel weirdly like the new kid in a school cafeteria, trying to sit at the table of an established clique. Please will y'all accept me into your club?)
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Come one, come all! I feel like I've been basically out of town for the past 2 years and am looking forward to seeing Mefites.
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I'm not sure about this yet, but I might show up, too. I'm a Baltimoron these days, but I lived in the ENTIRE Tri-State area (literally — Stamford, then Brooklyn, then Sayreville) from 1997-2000. And in my heart I've ALWAYS been an NYC kinda guy.

My sister lives in Queens, so I can finagle this into a "hey, we haven't hung out in a bit! Let me drive up and we'll hang out!" kind of thing. I've also got a couple of friends I haven't seen in years who I wouldn't mind meeting up with for lunch again anyway.

Mark me down as . . . a possible?
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Raaad I'm gonna try my best to make it to this.
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If you guys stay a while, I can make the tail end of this!
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Will try really hard to make it. I won't be able to stay too late, though.
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Dang, I'm going to be in the city the 31st-3rd so I will juuuust miss this. :(
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I'll try to pop over after work.
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This is so close to Passover it's giving me a nosebleed just thinking about it, but if I can make it, I will try to be there.
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I've got something after work, but will swing by after that, probably around 7-7:30
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Sorry Mchelly. The proximity to Passover is the main reason I'll be in town, though not having to cook makes this much easier. Hope you can make it; understand if it's just too much.
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I just moved to a "no." I'm so sorry I'll miss you Zach.
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It's feeling hard to assign a probability to my appearance.

BTW, it looks like it's now called Mercy.
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BTW, it looks like it's now called Mercy.

woowwwwww that's new. I literally checked the Revival site when I posted this meetup and it must have gone down right after, and the Yelp page still has the Revival reviews. It looks...the same? so I guess we'll try it!

End of an era! Thanks for the heads up hoyland, hope to see you there!
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I read the URL as “Mercy Barn” and was like hmm that’s different. Also the copy on the main landing page still calls it Revival, so yeah, it must be a pretty fresh makeover.

OK so out of curiosity, how does one identify a group of Mefites in a bar? If, say, one was prone to mild social anxiety at the thought of entering the school cafeteria for the first time and wandering hopefully from table to table looking for a friendly face. Does someone like ... carry a bound printout of the emotional labor thread with a rose tucked into it as an identifier?
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hahaha I feel like usually if someone looks lost people kind of...wave?

I will post what I'm wearing and what part of the bar I'm in and, wait, BREAKING: I just texted overhauser and he's going to make us a little sign since my printer is out of ink and I'm lazy.
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also I 100% relate to social anxiety both mild and severe so if anyone feels a little isolated just come cling to me, I will hold you.
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Aw you guys are the best, excited to be mildly socially anxious together soon!

Also 100% recognize that I should have said, Does someone bring a plate of beans as an identifier, that would have been much more in keeping with the mefi aesthetic
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My flight is on time, and I’m super excited to meet you all!
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When I host a meetup, I usually awkwardly call "Metafilter?" at people who look lost. A sign sounds like an upgrade!
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I am so printing out a picture of a plate of beans.
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It can be our house sigil
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When I've called meetups where people don't know me irl I describe my appearance and what I'm wearing.
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This is the same bar at which I attended my first meetup almost 10 years ago and uh
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griphus, i love that linked story so much
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Google hasn’t indexed Mercy Barn yet — this is at 129 E 15th st right? If it’s still open and not closed for a renovation?

Very important to know where the Cory Doctorow fan club will be meeting.
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Revival was also my first meetup bar, in 2006!

Yes, it is at 129 East 15th Street! I called because I've been TOTALLY THROWN FOR A LOOP and they are open tonight.

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Unless someone convinces me this is a particularly quiet bar, I'm likely going to be sitting this out.
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I assume this is one of those portal stories where the gateway is unstable, and the name on the bar door flicks back and forth between mercy and revival, mercy, revival, and if you go through at the wrong moment the beer mirror will read Fudd instead of Duff and the sky will be full of zeppelins. Maybe that’s the fabled less dumb timeline in there! Either way, looking forward to it. (Hoping to get there 7:15ish.)
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Unless someone convinces me this is a particularly quiet bar, I'm likely going to be sitting this out.

The old Revival was pretty chill but I haven't been since it was renamed, so I'm not sure I can answer this accurately. I plan on getting there a bit before 6 so I will post where I'm sitting and how busy it seems. I hope to see you there but totally understand sitting this one out!
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I once recommended Cory Doctorow a laptop repair place where they screwed up his laptop even more. Not sure how that figures into the fan club exactly, but I’m here for it.

I’m also literally here for this, insofar as the Lincoln Tunnel Helix counts as approximately here in the grand scheme of things. Very excited!

I’ve also read zero news all day, so someone will have to catch me up.
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I’ve also read zero news all day

SAME and I'm not gonna start now
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I was once on a conference planning committee and had to email Cory Doctorow and ask him if he'd be our keynote, and he sent back a really warm, pleasant email basically saying that we couldn't afford him, and even if we could, the timing probably wouldn't work. Like, it was a super-friendly email. That dude could give a master class on politely saying no.
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Any idea if this place has food/snacks?
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The old Revival didn't, I don't think this place does, but there are plenty of places nearby to grab food/order in from. I wouldn't mind splitting a pizza from Joe's if people are up for it.
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Zach and I are upstairs! Pretty chill here so far!
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I’m on my way! ETA 7:15-7:30
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I'm chilling on my sofa drinking tea. Hopefully I'll make it to another non-knitting meetup eventually.
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be there in like 30
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On my way - can’t stay long but I will be there!
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Dammit I’m not going to make it. I’ll...idk I’ll put out a plate of beans for you guys? Yes. That seems right.

Next one!
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that was an extremely good meetup and I am somewhat embarrassed I didn’t get to meet you zach!!
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This was super fun! Thanks everyone for coming, and apologies to those of you I didn't get much of a chance to talk to. Sorry not everyone could make it, and I hope to catch you all next time I'm around. Please do call a meetup if any of you are ever in the Bay Area.
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I had a great time meeting everybody and putting faces (which i will immediately forget, sorry) to (user)names! Thanks for being so welcoming, and hope to see y'all in the flesh again sometime soon.
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Same here! Sorry I didn't get to meet everyone. Next time, it'll happen.
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Wow, that's a lot of sockpuppet accounts for lalex to have been grooming - for years in some cases - just for this payoff. I'm still not buying it unless there are photos!
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you've said too much
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and that was great fun! Thanks to zach for making time for a meetup, it was so nice to see and meet everyone!
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