Wescountry Meetup!
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Babbers! Luvvers! I have repatriated to my motherland of Devon, and brought chrismear with me. I know we're a bit more far-flung down here, but would anyone be up for a meetup?
I'm thinking Exeter, ostensibly because it's kind of in the middle, but mainly because it's closest to me :)

Drinks, maybe some food - venue suggestions welcome! I'll start the bidding with On The Waterfront, because I like pizza.

Date to be in May now due to being snowed off!
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Ooh. I'm probably going to be in Exeter around 19th / 20th March. Don't arrange it around me, but I will be keeping an eye on the date.

(And I've just read Tom Cox's new book about Devon, so particularly looking forward to going there again.)
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Well, we'll need a date, and those seem as good as any!
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Confirmed I'll be in Exeter for the evening of Monday 19th March, if anyone can make that date.
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Ok lets settle in for that date. Yay!
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Whilst we're talking ... any recommendations for things to do in Exeter? I did the RAMM last time I visited. Was wondering about the cinema museum this time. Anyone have any other thoughts?
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Well.... if this snow keeps coming down I guess we're probably all best not travelling tomorrow.

Would Tuesday evening work for anyone, or shall we plan for a date well past snowmageddon?
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I'm waiting to see what the weather's like in the morning - coming by rail from south coast. Probably can't do Tuesday evening though will be around in the day (assuming I make it to Exeter) so could do luncheon or coffee.

I'll be in Devon again in either two months or four months (regular two-monthly meetings, but I don't come to all of them).
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Yes, I'm not going to make it this evening, possibly not tomorrow.
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Lets postpone! Snow is a time for staying in and hunkering down. Lets try and meet in May!
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I'm just leaving to travel to Exeter now, so I hope the snow is melting. Agree better to make it May though.
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