London meetup in February
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It's been awhile since one of our semi-regular meetups, and it would be great to catch up.
Would meeting at the Banker in the second week of February work for any of you? Let me know or make some other suggestions if you're interested.
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It would be very nice to make it down to this, and I don't see any reason why I can't. I don't think I've got any weeks or days which are better or worse, although maybe Thursday or Friday is easier for me.
posted by ambrosen at 6:55 PM on January 6

I can't do Friday, but otherwise that week is good for me.
posted by kelper at 12:34 AM on January 7

Definitely interested
posted by crocomancer at 8:29 AM on January 7

I can't do Friday/weekend (have a wedding to go to - not mine!) but def interested.
posted by Gin and Broadband at 9:48 AM on January 7

Cool. How would Tuesday the 6th or Thursday the 8th suit people? (My week is pretty free but Thursday is more tricky for me but doable)
posted by radiocontrolled at 12:04 PM on January 7

Sounds good - I could probably do Tuesday 6th.
posted by Stark at 1:55 PM on January 7

I'd be interested too. I can't do Tuesday the 6th, unfortunately, because I have a class at 7pm, but I could join you on Thursday the 8th (or the next meet-up, if the 6th works best for everyone else).
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6th or 8th work fine for me
posted by Skaramoosh at 6:29 AM on January 9

I'm pretty solidly booked on Fridays with a music lesson, and first wednesdays of each month are out for me. Otherwise it's just a roll of the dice on my other family obligations!
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6th or 8th are plausible for me - I have a general preference for Thursdays, but not a deal breaker.
posted by knapah at 5:46 AM on January 12

It's my birthday weekend, so I already have non-MeFi plans!
posted by easternblot at 7:02 AM on January 12

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