Women's March - Seattle - Jan 20th
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Sat January 20 at 10:00 AM, Cal Anderson Park
1635 11th Ave, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm proposing a different kind of meetup for before, during or after the upcoming Women's march for anyone going. All are welcome.
What: Women's March, Seattle, January 20th 2018. Before, during and/or after.

Where: Cal Anderson Park, Seattle.

Actual meetup locations and schedules to be determined.

Why: Grar!

When: Before? After? During? All day?


Ok, this gets complicated. Bear with me.

I know from experience that meeting up and keeping track of people during or near a large march can be very difficult, even with phones.

In proposing a meetup around the march I don't intend for this to be the usual kind of fun meetup. I would like for people to use this as an organic opportunity to hang out, network and talk about issues and let off some steam. Ok, I guess that's not that much different than a regular meetup.

But, no, seriously, camaraderie and moral support can go a long way.

And to be as inclusive as possible, I would like to try to avoid the use of commercial venues as well as alcohol serving venues for the meetup itself - or at least put that on the table as a metric depending on the response to this post. Having to spend money or be around alcohol could be a deal breaker for some people and I want to make room for that just in case.

And, well, that's not what this meetup is about, and there really likely won't be time to sit down and have a few or whatever.

Depending on weather what I would like to plan for and encourage is some kind of potluck and potlatch. Not quite a sitdown picnic, but march-friendly snacks and thermoses of warm drinks and stuff to share sounds pretty ideal.

Having spare food and water on a long protest march is also a great way to make new friends and be an every day hero.

And this can totally include people just buying supplies on the move or before the march and not taking on emotional labor. Doing something like handing out granola bars or a tray of deli sandwiches or getting a cube or thermos of coffee to go is always a morale booster.

Anyway, the march itself is the focus. I just don't want to make people feel obligated to be in any given commercial venue to have access to the meetup or group of us, but I also want to make room for the ritual of breaking bread and hanging out.

And if some people like the idea of this but don't like the idea of having to carry too much stuff, talk to me and I'll bring my 60L pack. I can easily carry an 80 pound pack for miles. I don't mind doing the legwork for logistics or being sent on errands.

So this meetup could take one of the following forms, and/or all of them as an all day thing.

Before the march:

Meeting before a march is nice because you get to meet some folks and recognize what they look like that day, which makes it much easier to spot them in the march or crowd, or after the march. We could meet an hour or two before the scheduled march at a nearby pocket park or other open place.

This will probably be in the time frame of speakers and rally before the march at Cal Anderson, so this may conflict with where people want to be. We could also meet earlier than this, depending on consensus. We could also meet somewhere in the park back from the stage, but I have a hunch Cal Anderson and several blocks around it are going to be packed so tight you can barely move.

Meeting before the march at a specific time and place is probably the easiest option.

During the march:

Marching as a group without a plan is nigh impossible, especially if this year's march is even half as big as the last one. So let's have a plan.

Things that can help keep a group together is a tall, easily recognized sign. Setting up some checkpoints and time windows along the march to meet up at if people get separated is also very helpful, since cell access often goes down. People may also already be marching with other groups so this may conflict, but if not we could form our own group. And having at least a small group is good for safety and moral.

I will also likely be with a small group of non-MeFi folks, but last time we ended up separated off and on, and we're all comfortable finding our own way and re-finding each other later.

Additionally, if anyone is looking for a group or experienced support you're welcome to stick with me and/or request specific support, here or in messages. (Examples: Carrying water, mobility assistance, anxiety management plans.)

After the march:

I'm going to take an educated guess that the march is going to end at Seattle Center, but these options can be adapted for other logical ends to the route. It's unlikely to loop back to Cal Anderson.

Oddly, this may be the most difficult option of them all. People are tired and often hungry and thirsty and may just want to go home, which is totally understandable. It's also a great time to get off of your feet and sit down and have lunch or dinner with folks.

And wherever the march route finishes it's going to be nearly impossible to grab a cab or rideshare or a seat in any restaurant in that immediate area. This upcoming march could be a quarter of the size of the last one and it would still be a whole lot of people. It can be difficult to even squeeze on to a bus. And it can be really difficult to find people without a plan.

However, if we luck out with good weather like last time, this might be a really awesome time to have a picnic meetup in the (chilly) sun at Seattle Center, or even indoors in the Armory. There is the QFC and Metro Market right around Seattle Center, so people could pick things up at the end instead of planning on carrying stuff on the march.

Or, sure, we could end up at a pub or cafe if there's a consensus for that.
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I'll be hosting sign making the week before, if anyone's interested in that too.
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Update: I need to cancel hosting this or trying to organize this due to getting a last minute standby doc appointment I've been waiting for that's going to conflict.

Since there's not a lot of energy or interest at this point I've requested deletion of the entire thread/post.
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