February! Bangkok! MeFites?
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under_petticoat_rule and I will be in Bangkok for a good chunk of February. We'd love to have a meetup. We will be in Pratunam, near the mall. (Which mall? ALL OF THEM, apparently.) However, we're willing to travel elsewhere in order to meet up and see people! Anyone interested?
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was just searching for thailand-related posts and found this. I will be in bangkok in february. & out of a jillion users, I’ve already met you two — at a burning man meet up a few years ago. small frickin world.
I’m still figuring out what dates I’ll be where, but I’ll likely be in the city (& jet-lagged af) feb 7th & again feb 25th or so.
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Ha ha ha! That is awesome! Now we get a chance to see if we can recognize each other when we're not dusty. We should definitely meet up, then. If you can narrow your dates a bit more, why don't we do it when you're here? I think u_p_r is out of town on the 7th but we should be here on the 25th.
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