In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
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Tue December 19 at 8:00 PM, George and The Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Whatever the weather, how about pub quiz *next* week?
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Hell yes, hell yes, hell yes.
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 12:40 AM on December 14, 2017

I might actually be able to attend this one!
posted by Zalzidrax at 8:37 AM on December 14, 2017

I'm in!
posted by skyscraper at 9:55 AM on December 14, 2017

We'll be there!
posted by ChrisR at 9:54 PM on December 15, 2017

I’m going to be there at least twice, maybe thrice!
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 7:58 PM on December 17, 2017

Damnit, kid's holiday concert. Next time!
posted by k8t at 11:16 AM on December 18, 2017

So... who's seen the new Star Wars? Just checking... :)
posted by ChrisR at 8:07 AM on December 19, 2017

Leaving from the South end now!
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 7:13 PM on December 19, 2017

Ok, I'm here! Middle-aged lady, long, straight hair, black shirt, sparkly necklace. Guess I'll go register The Crimson Ramblers.
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 7:50 PM on December 19, 2017

Good luck to you all. I ended up having a pre-holiday thing with family last night that invovled a bunch of very energetic toddlers and lasted until midnight, so I'm a bit wiped out for today.
posted by Zalzidrax at 8:04 PM on December 19, 2017

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