MothUP Toronto #9 - Love & Sex
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Wed February 9 at 8:00 PM, No One Writes to the Colonel
460 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4, Canada (Map & Directions)
Lusting loins, secret sex tapes, confessions of amour, breakups and makeups are the stuff of our special Valentine's Day edition of the MothUP. This month, it's all about LOVE & SEX. No story is too racy or romantic.
At our last event, Sasshat told an amazing story. Who wants to be next?


Potential storytellers must submit their name, title of story, and a brief piece of introductory information at the start of the event or during the first intermission (for those of you who arrive late or need a little liquid courage before signing up). If you have an amazing (theme-related) story that must be told, email a brief synopsis of your story to and you may be one of five pre-selected storytellers for the evening.


Stories must be brief! 5-7 minutes
Stories must be TRUE.
Stories must be from personal experience!
Stories must be STORIES. No readings, no props, no notes, no standup!
It is a good idea to have the last line of your story in mind.

For additional questions about the event or for storytelling support, please message either of us directly! For guidelines or inspiration, go to or


This event is entirely FREE!

The event will be filmed and recorded, so be prepared to sign a waiver granting us rights to the material if you plan to share a story. Videos from MothUP events will be featured on The Moth vimeo site, and stories may be considered for the radio program, The Moth Radio Hour.

The room fills up fast, so get there early to ensure a seat.
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This just in -- SassHat will be telling a story again! And I might, as well. Come hear our stories!
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i was at the last MothUP but it was so packed, i didn't actually see any of the storytellers. which story was yours, SassHat?! i wish i had known you were there!
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I'm coming! I got there last time very early and snagged a seat at the front, which was great.

I have organized events as a volunteer in the past and I know it's annoying to hear this kind of thing and so I won't belabour my point but I found the chatter at the back of the room detracted from the event a bit! It could be that's part of the whole atomosphere and I'm just cranky, but I thought I would mention it. :)

But you girls really did a great job and I'm sure tonight will be just as awesome.
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Thanks for your input! The chatter at the back of the room is something that we've only had to contend with in this new venue. I think because it's so open and removed, people think they can chat comfortably back there without disturbing the storytellers. We'll be more diligent about the shushing (which seems to work pretty well when we do it) but I'll also add a mention of it in the intro.
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