Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Training, Setup, and Gaming
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Sat July 29 at 1:00 PM, jenquat's and kalessin's house
2008 Prince St, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'd like to bring together a casual group to occasionally play Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator at my home (and possibly other venues). Since there's a learning curve to playing this cooperative spaceship bridge crew game, be prepared for some collaborative setup, burn-in, and waiting. But it's fun anyway! Come join me/us!
Let's play!

Here's Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator's main web page. It's clearly a rip off of Star Trek bridge crew dynamics, and it does NOT support VR (unlike Ubisoft's recent Star Trek Bridge Crew). But it is a LOT of fun to play, and there are many creative ways available to kill the ship and crew.

To get an idea of it, here's a post about it from the blue in 2010. Also there are many recordings of various groups playing it on YouTube:
- This one from Rev3Games in 2012 includes drunkenness (did I mention I have booze?!) and uniforms (not sure about cosplay).
- There's a whole series of them from the Jonathan Coulton Nerd Boat, but my favorite involves Wil Wheaton as Captain (they cap these games to about 20 minutes so they get positively suicidal near the end of their runs)

I run it in Windows running on Bootcamp on Apple hardware, but it can be installed to run in Wineskin or PlayonMac in OS X or macOS. There are also apps available on iOS and on Android. I own a Bridge License (which covers all the PC installs required to fill a single starship bridge) so I can distribute those free to you to use if you join my crew. If you play in a different crew, though, you should pay for your own license or bridge license, or make sure you're covered under someone else's. You can also buy an individual license either at the web site or through Steam.

I have a game server, a high speed wired and wireless network (including a couch with a 16 port 1 Gig switch under it), a 48"(I think?) TV for the main screen, and room for a full crew, maybe some observers, in my living room. I have some loanable USB ethernet and WiFi adapters. I have a buttload of Ethernet Cat 6A patch cables of various lengths. I also have some loanable playable devices, but if you come and have a laptop or a tablet or even a mobile phone you can use, I'd love it if you came set up and ready!

I'll post a comment with links/instructions for getting it working and getting the software ahead of time, but invariably someone shows up unprepared, and most folks need to learn how to play, so there will be some waiting before we go full nerd.

Games can be played on a weekday evening, but given setup and burn-in time, it might be best to get a new get together going on a weekend to start.

Anyone interested in playing/exploring? Do you have any good dates/days for a first meetup? Regarding getting here, I'm about 1 block away from Ashby BART and 1 block away from a bus stop for the AC Transit route 18. The only caveat is that my house is not wheelchair accessible - there are 9 steps up from the sidewalk to my front door. I apologize, and I plan to fix that, but it's not in short range plans.

Finally, I could also be convinced to do multiplayer couch play for games on my console. There exists a game called "Love in a Dangerous Spacetime" that would be amusing to play for up to 4 players, and there are other possibilities too, but I think it might be best to start with Artemis.
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I have been wanting to play this for ages!

I'm free the next two weekends, (Jul 29-30, Aug 5-6) busy a few weekends, and then free again (Aug 26-27). I can certainly bring my own device. In the basically impossible event that bay area mefites don't have too many computers, I could even bring an extra device.
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I've been curious to try this! I'll be out of town next weekend (Jul 29-30) and I may not be free the weekend after that (Aug 5-6), but otherwise I should be around.
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Oh, I just found out that I will be free Aug 5-6 after all, so there's that.
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OH MAN I've totally wanted to try this. I'm totally down, schedule permitting.
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Woot! I will see if jenquat is available to join us, and/or my other generally interested local friends. An ideal crew is 5 - 6 players, so if you know anyone interested, feel free to bring plus ones, or tag folks in. If we need to, I can do two major positions simultaneously (e.g. Captain and Engineering or Engineering and Science or whatever). (Note: no one should ever try to do Weapons and Helm at the same time. That way lies madness. And Death.)

We also need to figure out (eventually) how formal we want to be about command structure. I've played in Serenity type tramp transport style ("Shields? Are they up? Are we heading into combat right now?") as well as formal naval style ("Engineering, boost lasers, please. Helm: Mark 45, warp 1. Shields up!"), and both work, it just depends on how we think will work best. Each has strengths and points of failure.

Also, for me and jenquat, Aug 5 or 6 is bad, this coming weekend may be doable, but maybe we wait until the end of August? Thoughts?
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Nice! I've never played, but I've been interested for ages. I'm open this weekend and next.
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I have wanted to try this for a long time.

Would a mac running Windows through Parallels work? It doesn't seem super graphics intensive.
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I'm not sure about Parallels, you'd have to try it. I have done it with (and have instructions for) both PlayOnMac and Wineskin sort of contained virtual machines approaches.

jenquat and I can do this Saturday. I'll edit this post for Saturday. What would be a good time? I would suggest setting aside 4 to 6 hours.

Would folks be willing to bring a snack and/or chip in for pizza (or we have Los Cilantros literally a block away)?
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We can be flexible about start time, and I'm happy to edit it. Let me know.

Also, zachlipton, from the Wineskin Winery article below, it looks like Artemis does run in Parallels, so that'll be awesome if you can get it working.

Installing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator:
1) Get the 2.0.0 base version and the 2.4.0 and 2.6.0 upgrades at my slow-ass website (this is the Bridge License version). If possible, please install both version 2.4.0 and 2.6.0 (this is because if we use one or both of my iPads, they run 2.4.0. If you have a PC, just get and install the latest, 2.6.0.
For all urls, use the user/password: artemis/at48
- Artemis 2.0.0 base version.
- Artemis 2.4.0 upgrade.
- Artemis 2.6.0 upgrade.
2) If you have a PC or a single virtual PC through Parallels, just install Artemis 2.0.0 and then Artemis 2.6.0 upgrade. These will be normal installs for PC software, but let me know if you have any questions.
If you have a Mac or other OS and are willing to use Wineskin Winery or PlayOnMac to make multiple installs, please install both 2.4.0 and 2.6.0.
- For Wineskin Winery, here are the instructions.
- For PlayOnMac, here are the instructions.
(Note: These instructions can be a bit fiddly - feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'll go ahead and do the installs on my platform now so I'm ready to answer questions if need be. At one point with PlayonMac, there was only one resolution at which this worked, but I think things have gotten better/more stable.)
3) You can always install the app on iOS or Android, or like I said before, you can also try on Windows with Steam, where Steam will handle the install.
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Oops, I apologize. I scheduled for the wrong weekend!
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Oh darn, I won't be able to join this Sat unfortunately. I hope you guys have fun and decide to do another game!
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Anyone coming? Or should I punt to the end of August?
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Oh, this sounds like fun! I can make it this Saturday if it happens. End of August is likely OK for me too.
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I'll wait until the Friday morning to hear more about whether we've got enough commitment for a Saturday playthrough. I think we can do it with 4 total players (so I would need commitment from 2 others for Saturday in order to do it this Saturday), but that's a skeleton crew. 5 would be better. If we have to punt, I'll target probably Saturday, August 26.

Given the schedule shuffle so far (my bad, sorry), if you are interested and can come to the session this Saturday, please RSVP so I can keep track of us all.
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we can do it with 4 total players, but that's a skeleton crew.

I'll be sure to bring my skeleton!
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Can't make sat 1pm, but I am down for weekday evenings in the future.
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Okay, I will reach out to those of you who can't do this weekend when we settle on a good date for the end of August.

If those of you who are planning to attend on Saturday afternoon could attempt the install before you get here, that would be good. Unfortunately my bridge license is on a slow shared server. If you can't or don't have the time, I will provide the bits on USB sticks when you get here (so you don't have to wait for the download).

Thanks for taking a chance on this, and I hope you enjoy it!
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I redid a hotkeys document that was previously in all-black-backgrounds to a simple text document in black lettering on a white background, if you need it.

Also as a note, I've had the best, most stable installs of Artemis on Macs with the PlayOnMac application. So if you are going the virtual machine route, you might consider that. I've just reinstalled it all over the place on my computers in different wrappers, and played a couple of half hour long single player missions. Against the server running natively in Windows in Bootcamp, I had a bluescreen crash. But in PlayOnMac, I had a couple of full missions with 3 clients and it was absolutely rock solid (knock on wood).
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I just installed it with PlayOnMac and it seems to work as far as bringing up a screen with "start server" and "start client" buttons.

It wasn't as LCARS-looking as I would have liked, TBH. Anyway, I'm excited for tomorrow!
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There are LCARs mods, I believe. Unsure of version compatibility.

Also if people want to drink beer, they should byob. We only have old, unpleasant, skunked beer (Boont). We do have most cocktail fixin's. And plan to provide snacks, but feel free to bring your own snacks too.
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I had some trouble with PlayOnMac, but it seems to work well enough in a VM as far as I can tell without playing, so we'll see what happens.
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I have it successfully installed on my Windows tablet. Looks like it runs fine there.
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I have a friend in Sausalito who wants to play remotely, yay more chaos! If anyone else wants to try, I can give you my external IP and we can try that too. But it's better to be on site. I say this with experience. Though it is possible to play intercontinentally.
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That was super fun!
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Yes, I had a blast too!
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Second IRL post is up!
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