March for Science NYC
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Sat April 22 at 10:15 AM, March for Science- Central Park West
Revson Fountain, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm attending the NYC March for Science, and past experience has shown that protests are much more enjoyable if you are not alone. Also I'm not the biggest fan of crowds, so It would be nice to have a friendly group to go with.
I invite you to march with me to support science funding and education. I'm not a fan of crowds, but I'm pretty used to NYC marches and if anyone is nervous/uncertain about going because of crowd anxiety or whatever, in NYC it is a lot easier to quickly walk a block away from the crowd and grab a breather.

MEETING POINT: Lincoln Center Fountain at 64th and Broadway

MEETING TIME: 10:20- 10:30AM
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I'll be there, along with pretty much my entire lab and department. Those of us who didn't make it to DC.
posted by overhauser at 12:32 PM on April 18, 2017

This is very tempting, since I also have crowd anxiety but a love of science and not dying
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We will make an attempt to go
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Anyone know secured parking on the PATH in NJ? It's tempting.
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Anybody up for boozy brunch after?
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Don't know if I'll be up for brunch, but I'm going to try really hard to make the march! I just moved here so it'd be great to meet some mefites! Please update Saturday with where to meet you all!
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There is an rally entrance at 64th and Broadway; which is roughly across from the fountain at Lincoln Center.

I have never in my life been to a rally that starts on time; so I say we meet up at the fountain at Lincoln Center at 10:15-10:30 AM, and then we can walk over.

I personally will probably be wearing my xkcd Science! t-shirt if I can dig it up, and will have a sign. Once I have a sign sorted, I'll post what it looks like in the thread.
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Wish I could go, but I'm not much for prolonged standing at the moment. All my best to those marching.
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We can't make it. One year old and person with chronic illness.
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This is my sign. I'll wait until 10:30am and then head over!

I'll wave it extra vigorously for those who can't make it.
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We are totally not the only ones with this idea. So sorry if you don't find us.
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Larthegreat, that sign is awesome.

I'm heading in now and clearly won't be making the pre-march talking stuff but I'll have an xkcd "science, it works bitches!" shirt on and a sign that says "What do we want? Evidence-based science! When do we want it? After peer review!" ... like so many other people.

If you think you've found me, feel free to yell mefi is awesome and I'll shout back eponysterical ... like some sort of weird Marco Polo game.
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Turns out I am not able to attend the festivities, but please make an evidence-based decision about your brunch location.
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Turns out a lot of people like science... We had to do a mini march to the back of the march at 10:35! 12 blocks from the rally, so it was a big "hurry up and wait" type of a thing.

The signs were amazing though, and it was good vibes all around. Hope everyone else had a great march!
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