let's meet at the Golden Girls cafe, Rue La Rue!
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Wed April 19 at 12:00 PM, Cafe Rue La Rue
4394 Broadway, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Who wants to head uptown to the Golden Girls-themed cafe Rue La Rue?
UPDATE: We'll try again -- nobody could confirm a time, so I'll let this one lapse and we can attempt again in the future or on a weekend. Thanks for the interest, folks, and thank you for being a friend.

I've already been once but would LOVE to join my fellow Golden Girls-loving MeFites and take a voyage uptown to Rue La Rue (at 4394 Broadway, New York, NY 10040)!

I think a weekday would be best -- maybe a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday? -- heading up from midtown after work to take the train together and go eat some lasagna and cheesecake for dinner. The hours for dinner are listed as open til 7:30 (I seem to recall they were open later but I can confirm), but ideally we'd leave at 5:30 or so and head on up.

I think starting the week of the 27th and into April would be best to plan ahead.

Who's with me? When can you come and when can you meet?

thanks to poffinboffin for the idea!
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Given that this is the closest a meetup will ever happen to my apartment , I guess I'm in. I will caution that they have been very busy. I don't know if that's more just the weekends or if it's across the board.

My preference would be Wednesday.
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Aarrrggggh. This would have been the perfect first meetup for me but alas, I don't get home from work until around 7:30 or so. I hope you have fun, though.
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This is near me, also. Depending on my work schedule, I could possibly make this (I've gotten some West Coast clients added to my roster recently). I don't have any preference of days, otherwise.
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I would love to come but 5:30 is probably a bit early for me. Will join up if I can, though!
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Definitely interested. Wednesday would be better for me, but I could do Tuesday or Thursday.
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Definitely interested and with sufficient notice I can make time work. 3/29 and 3/30 would be out for me though
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Did we ever settle on a day for this?
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This is also very near me and I would love to go to my first irl event! Wednesday best for me.
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Hey team -- sorry, my life got in the way of updating this! Let's do Wednesday, April 12 for this, say, arriving at the Cafe separately at 6pm-6:30pm, and/or leaving from midtown at 5:30pm to take the train together!

Post here if you're in midtown and can make it (and where you're at) and we'll pick a spot to convene!
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It'll be Passover, so I won't be able to make it. Sorry to miss out!
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Hey team! Let me know if you can come by officially RSVPing -- if not, I'm going to change the date so that folks can attend!
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My schedule is still open Wednesday night. However, I'm in a bit of a state of perpetually feeling a bit tapped out when it comes to socialization, so I'm kind of hoping to remain a perpetual maybe and make the call when I get off the subway Wednesday evening. But I could be a 'yes' who's maybe going to flake if that works better. (I wasn't kidding when I said this was the closest a meetup will ever be to my apartment--I can almost see Rue la Rue out the window.)
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Hoyland, I feel ya! Let's put this off until Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00pm at the cafe -- for Passover folks and general tapped-out-ness, and we'll see if that spurs things onwards a bit!

Also, if that doesn't work for next week for the larger group, feel free to memail me, Hoyland and we can have a lasagna together. :)
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OK team -- last chance: if we're not going tomorrow, we'll just have to try again in the future. Let me know!
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UPDATE: We'll try again -- nobody could confirm a time, so I'll let this one lapse and we can attempt again in the future or on a weekend. Thanks for the interest, folks, and thank you for being a friend.
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