Triangle "Kedi" showing weekend of March 10?
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Anyone else excited to see Kedi, the new documentary about street cats in Istanbul, (currently at 100/85 on RT)? It starts at the Rialto in Raleigh on March 10 and seems perfect for a meetup. Durham or Chapel Hill theaters showing it could work if that's better for folks. Maybe include a stop for appetizers before or drinks after? It's all questions at this point, except for the kitties, which are solid.
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I am so in! It is also coming to the Carolina in Durham but I can't cgeck when bc I am on an airplane right now. Yay cat movie!
posted by leesh at 8:16 AM on February 17, 2017

Depends on the time. If Raleigh 7:30 or later then I can do it!
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CATS????? CATS??????? Let me check my schedule! For now it's free, but it's possible I will have a mandatory staff retreat that night and the following day.
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We can go the next weekend, or during the week, too. Flexible like a cute street cat.
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Can we do this now instead? I need to watch this right now.
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The reviews really are thru the roof, and as more folks see it the RT audience score is going up too (now at 91%).

Saturday March 11 in the evening works for me, if Stew can make it then. And again, we can do it at the Carolina in Durham if that works better for everyone. Feel free to throw out dates and times. I work til 6 on weekends.
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The 11th works for me! Yay cats!
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I am much more likely to attend if it's in Durham (sorry, Raleigh) and can definitely do the 11th. There are lots of places to get food and drinks around there, too! Showtimes haven't been announced yet though.
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I alternate weekends with/out my kids, but if I'm free I'll be there!
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I got a gift certificate for Carolina theatre from secret quonsar, so that's my preference for the showing. Any weekend in march should be good.
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I'm in Asheville and would love to come, but 10 hr round-trip is a little too far. Shucks.
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Still down for Saturday, but it's one week out and the Carolina Theater still lists showtimes for Kedi as "TBD." Hopeful that'll change soon.
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Just talked on the phone to the Carolina Theatre. The showtimes will appear on Wednesday, and tickets will be on sale Thursday morning. Seems like we could wait and see what the times are and make a decision then.
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Looks like our choices are 7:10pm or 9:10pm on Saturday, if that's still a good day for folks. I'm fine with either of those!
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(Alternate days are fine too)
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I'm gonna assume this isn't a good weekend and withdraw the proposed meetup...hope no one's mad (I'm not) but it doesn't seem like Saturdays gonna work, and maybe a movie isn't the best idea for a meetup. Let's get together sometime soon tho!
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Ah, I'm sorry this isn't working out! It just isn't enough notice to pull something together, I don't think.
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It's ok. I'm still gonna see the movie. : )
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You guys wanna watch the movie next week?
posted by oceanjesse at 6:46 AM on March 11, 2017

We are watching it at the Carolina theater tonight at 9:10 PM.
posted by oceanjesse at 4:31 PM on March 11, 2017

I'll be there tonight at 7:10!
posted by leesh at 12:46 PM on March 12, 2017

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