Sonoma, Marin, North Bay Activism Round Table
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Sun March 12 at 1:30 PM, Aqus Cafe
189 H St, Petaluma, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Following up on February's meet-up, we're meeting again to talk about actions we're taking, to share resources, to ask questions, and to otherwise Resist!
I'm listing Aqus Cafe as venue because we met at Aqus Cafe last time, but I suspect we may want to change to a different Petaluma venue. Aqus is lovely but has live music at that time, which makes meeting inside difficult, and has almost no shade on the patio, which makes meeting outside difficult. Any ideas for a different venue in Petaluma?
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Howdy, North Bay MeFites. I'm new to this area (I live in Santa Rosa), and would like to meet up and talk #resistance with y'all.
I can't suggest a venue in Petaluma since I don't know any, but the afternoon of 3/12 works for me!
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Yay! We look forward to seeing you! I'm going to say at Aqus for now, but I'm open to other suggestions, should they come up.
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Well, nurts. I regret to say that plans have changed in Casa Wu, and I won't be able to make it on Sunday.

Since I'm new to the area, and my family and I don't know that many people yet — and since I am committed to #resist — I really would like to attend the next meeting, and/or just meet some nice local MeFites for beers some time soon.
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We would love to see you, political meet-up or not! The North Bay seems to have been a little sparse on meet-ups, and I'd love to start getting more on the calendar. I think this is going to be a monthly thing, at least. We are small but mighty!
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I think I can make it. Should be there by 2. You outside or inside?
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We're outside, near where we were before.
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Lovely seeing y'all! We decided the next meetup will be April 9th at 1:30. I'll post another IRL listing at some point. Hope you can make that one, Dr. Wu!
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