SF Women's March?
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Sat January 21 at 3:00 PM, Civic Center
United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Any Bay Area MeFites want to march together in San Francisco? Maybe we can make it into a meetup too, before or after. Pink hats optional!
I'm planning to go, and figure there must be other Bay Area MeFites who are also planning to march, but I have zero experience with organizing this kind of thing. Anybody who has good ideas for logistics, please jump in even if you won't be attending.

Right now I'm basing the event on the EventBrite page, but feel free to propose something else. Like I said, zero experience.

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I will likely be there, but haven't yet figured out if I'm going to try to meet up with others or if it's going to be too crazy—esp. finding people one's never met before in what is sure to be a mighty crowd! I'll be following this thread to see what ideas people might have re: logistics.
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I was thinking maybe the MeFite contingent, if we get enough people to make a contingent, could meet beforehand at a less crowded spot, then walk to Civic Center together. Maybe meet at the Montgomery St BART station or something? That way, at least we'd be able to introduce ourselves before getting lost in the huge crowd.

Also, I guess we should all register at the EventBrite page? I just did, and they sent me 2 tickets (for me and Mag Plug), but is anybody actually going to check tickets at the march? It's a free event - maybe the registration is just to get attendance numbers?

Anyway, feel free to suggest better options - I'm just spitballing here to get things going.
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Got a MeMail suggesting The Grove at 301 Hayes St for a meetup before the march - maybe we can get together there about 2:15 - 2:30 for a quick get-together then walk to Civic Center for the main event?
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Planning on marching in both Oakland and San Francisco. Oakland's march is in the morning and early afternoon. It would just make sense to stop at San Francisco on the way back to the Peninsula to also march in San Francisco. It's the same BART ride.

Ready for the March with pink hat and a sign.
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OK, to be honest, I'm not really feeling up for pleasant socializing before the march, and nobody's said anything in favor of The Grove, so I'm going to nix the meetup beforehand. I'd still like to march together with y'all, at least at the beginning, so let's find each other and head directly to the march.

Reading the event details here, it sounds like they're expecting massive crowds in the Civic Center area. The rally is from 3 - 5 pm, then the actual march begins (more details here).

So I propose we meet at 3 pm several blocks away, at the front steps of the Yerba Buena Carousel (221 4th St), and then walk to Civic Center together. During the walk we can make plans for if we want to march together, or just disperse into the throng.

For the candlelight walk, bring your own light (see the details page for what's acceptable). I'll be wearing a T-shirt from Crater Lake National Park, because it's my only shirt that's approximately MetaFilter blue.

See you Saturday at 3 pm in front of the carousel!
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i'll be at the oakland march with a bunch of fellow democratic socialists of america people. let's wave if we see each other.
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We'll meet you there at 3, Quietgal. (Though if we can't find parking, we'll have to drive home. I'll let you know, if that happens. Public transit is not an option for logistics reasons.)
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Hey Cyber, could you park near my house and we can take BART downtown together? Shouldn't be too crowded in my area. I know you said no public transit, but it sounds like parking anywhere downtown will be impossible ...

I'll MeMail you also. Fingers crossed!
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Woo! I will try to be there for this!
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I'm heading into the city. I don't know how long I'll last but my number will be in my profile if anyone wants to get together to take a break.
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I'll head over soon. Black leather jacket, Nasty Woman T-shirt, black Sleater Kinney hoodie, jeans. I'm tall white guy and I have a beard.
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Oops - slight change. Short khaki trench coat instead of leather jacket.
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There's a pro life parade down market St right now if you thought things weren't surreal enough right now.
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Caltrain is getting later and later, so we'll see...
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We're in front of the Carousel. One of us is wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket. Quietgal (in non-fluorescent yellow) holding a paper napkin with "MeFi" written on it in black Sharpie.
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Walking from 22nd Street Station...
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I'm loitering around the civic center Bart if u guys are coming this way but it is starting to rain.
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Got an outfit?
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Yeah how will we recognize you?
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Heading to civic center at 330
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Ah I have a blue jacket purple scarf and red hair black pants and Uggs. And looking at my phone
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On the march
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I'm in front of the UN cafe anyone want a coffee?
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K we are arriving at civic Centre
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Yeah please!
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U got it 😄
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I'll head your way soonish, though whether we actually find each other I cannot say. Let me know roughly where you wind up within Civic Center.
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Hey we're still here outside UN Cafe waiting for walk to start
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Bleep and I are at the Embarcadero. We are planning food, and will go for it soonish
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reminder my phone is in my profile plz text or call if u want
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My phone's not letting me access your profile. We r at the Federal Reserve. Thinking of going to Oasis Grill near 1st & Howard
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We have fled into the Embarcadero. Going to maybe grab food at Bouli Bar
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Home now, great to see you all and thanks for coming! According to the gdoc linked here, 100k people turned out in SF. Not too shabby!
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Hooray! It was a great time, & a good march. See everyone at the next one…
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