Weekly Trivia Night at George and The Dragon: Fight for Redemption
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Tue August 30 at 7:45 PM, George and The Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm late with the post, but by gum, it is still happening! After two stunning victories in prior weeks, last week, we had a devastating second-place finish, apparently because some hotshot team from the 1990s came out of retirement and decided to eat our breakfast for us. This cannot happen again. Well, it can, but it'd sure be nice if it didn't.
The details:

I'll be there by 7:45 at the latest, and questions start promptly at 8:00. If you've never come out to this before, I am a middle-aged lady in glasses with straight, dark, shoulder-length hair, and I will most likely be wearing some kind of a band t-shirt in black.

We can field a team of up to six, and we can split into multiple teams if we have, say, seven or more, but we won't be able to split existing teams after the questions start at eight P.M.

This week, I understand that we'll be without The Man of Twists and Turns, which is a colossal bummer, so anyone with a good grasp of history (especially military history), geography, and the like will be welcomed with exceptional warmth, as will anyone with an Anglophilic bent.
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Aw! I can't come this week, but next week: early.

Break a leg.
posted by clew at 12:13 AM on August 30, 2016

Assuming we get something resembling a quorum, I'll be there, Slurpee in hand, to provide my customary one answer.
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I'll come give it a try, if you can tolerate more incorrect answers. I did contribute a few right answers too!
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If we assume that The Moped-ist Formerly From Metafilter is coming, it looks like we've got quorum now. I think.
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I have a good reason for drinking hard tonight, but that plan may conflict with Needing to Use My Brain to Answer Questions activities. I am a solid maybe and it is good to know this is happening.
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Slarty, if we end up sucking wind at trivia, but we succeed in helping you do some deeply needed drinking, I for one am okay with that.
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On my way.
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We are here!
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