Ann Arbor meet-up in August
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Wed August 3 at 7:00 PM, Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub
114 E Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI, USA (Map & Directions)
OK - Confirmed - Wed Aug 3. Arbor Brewing on Washington. Weather permitting I'll grab an outside table. If wet or too stinking hot will be in the side room. Will have a sign. Come have a drink and say hi!
I was thinking Bill's Beer Garden on a week night so hopefully not too nuts. What do people think? Wednesday August 3 or Thursday the 4th? 7pm? Other ideas/venues? Bill's has wine and non-alcoholic drinks but not much to eat. Dominick's might be another possibility... please chime in!
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I would love that! I haven't actually been to Bill's Beer Garden yet, so I'm up for trying something new. I also like Hopcat if people are feeling like they want food. Also, 7pm on both days works for me.
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Unfortunately I could only make it on the weekends, and every. single. weekend. this august is booked! I hope the rest of you fine folk find fortuituous frivoloty
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Great idea! I can do either August 3rd or 4th.

One other drawback to Bill's is that we have kind of a history of bad luck with weather when we plan meetups.

I'd like to suggest either the ABC Brewpub/Corner Brewery in Ypsi, or the Wolverine Tap Room on Stadium. They both have trivia on Wednesdays, so Thursday might be better, though the Corner Brewery is big enough that the trivia doesn't take over the main room. And they have outdoor seating. The Wolverine has that new other room (if it's not booked), which I think is also pretty quiet when they're not having trivia. But unless something's changed, they'll be packed on any Wednesday.
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Wednesday's better than Thursday for me, though I could manage either if pressed. You can pick up food from the food carts & eat it at Bill's, if we do decide to go that way.
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By the way is anyone doing Art Fair this week? If so I'll be downtown and would be up for grabbing some pierogi or a crepe :)
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How about Arbor Brewing in Ann Arbor on Wednesday the 3rd - as still_wears_a_hat points out we've had some weather issues at Bill's and ABC does have both indoor and outdoor seating - and food.

I do plan to go to Art Fair - not sure when as yet.
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Wednesday the 3rd at Arbor Brewing is fine with me.

Do you think it's worth writing some of the people who have been at previous meetups directly? Did we do that one year?
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It's a good thought. I know Nat has moved out of the area, not sure about other folks. I will make this an actual event rather than proposed if no one else chimes in with other ideas within a couple hours.
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SoD and I will be there with a +0.5.
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The three of us will try to be there!
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hi all -

So many of us that I will set up indoors.
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It was great to see everyone last night - let's not wait 2 more years to do this again!
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I agree - let's not! Great seeing the people I'd already met, and meeting everyone new.
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Thanks for organizing this! It was nice to meet everyone.
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