Xmas Day by the Bay?
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Anybody at loose ends in San Francisco on Dec 25th? How 'bout we go to Crissy Field and look at birds (lots of migratory birds hang out here in winter), and watch the dogs romping in the surf. Bring your own pooch and leash, too.
A gentle stroll along the shore, admiring the lovely scenery and birds, chuckling at the goofy mutts chasing tennis balls - what better way to spend an afternoon? After birding, we could find someplace to warm up with hot chocolate or, uh, beer. The Warming Hut will be closed, so we'll have to figure out something else.

Meet around noonish, wind up the nature walk around 3 or 4, adjourn for beverage of choice someplace TBD.

We should probably make contingency plans for rain, too. I'm game to go in the rain but I think I'd find myself a bit lonely. Any suggestions for indoor stuff?

Another option would be to shift the meetup to January 1st, since the Warming Hut will be open on New Year's Day.

What say you all?
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That is entirely possible. I'll check with rtha, but we're in town, and pretty much always up for looking at birds (if it isn't raining cats and dogs.)
posted by gingerbeer at 11:38 AM on December 17, 2010

(Because the cats and dogs scare off the birds.)
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Gonna have to take a pass this time around. Too much family, which is a blessing. Except for the curse of trying to drive to everyone's house in one day on holidays.
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I can't even express how much I wish I could be there. Alas, I am stuck here, slightly bored out of my skull (if it weren't so cold on the other side of my head, i.e., the outside). So please, do it up and have lots of fun! (AND BE WARM)
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I am out of town on the 25th but this sounds like a glorious New Year's Day activity.
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Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey and I are interested. Weather doesn't matter much to us (good bicycle raingear FTW).
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Out on the 25th, but sounds like a great way to walk off a NYE hangover.
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Sounds like January 1st would work better for most people. Any lurkers want to commit to a New Year's Day meetup?
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If we weren't moving into our new place on the 1st, I'd come and bring the just-arrived-in-town husband, who indulges my interest in romping dogs on a regular basis.

Next time, I'm hoping.
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I may be down for a stroll along the beach on the 1st, but I'm told there is going to be a deluge on the 25th, and anyway I have family in from out of town.
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OK, I'm going to call "no go" for the 25th, and wait a couple of days to see about the 1st.
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Okay. We're also around for the 1st. Same caveats apply.
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I am down for a New Years Day meetup. If it is in a bar, however, I will be 3 days too young to enter and/or get served.
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I'm not back in town until the 3th, but I'm up for up for a meetup that evening (or the 4th if it will let MattMangels drink with us)
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In New Jersey right now. I'll be back for New Year's Day but may have other plans.
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I'm down if the New Year's meet up is still a possibility. Leashed camera in tow instead of a dog, though. It is supposed to rain, but it doesn't bother me much, especially when followed by a warming beverage.
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I'm possibly down for this depending on how much I drink the night before.
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Gah. Forecast is for rain on Saturday (and Sunday), plus Hubby came down for the holidays unexpectedly, so a New Year's Day birding walk is not looking so good for me right now. I'll wait a little to see what the weather and other people's plans look like, but I think I'm going to call it off.
If anybody else wants to call a meetup for reals, be my guest.
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I got drafted for a fambly gathering so am out. Let's do an outdoors meetup in Jan or Feb when nothing else is going on.
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Since I won't be able to attend on New Year's Day, I'm going to cancel this meetup proposal but I like the idea of doing something in a few weeks.
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