T-Bone in the Twenty Teens with the Last Bumper Car Show, Er, MeetUp
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Sun January 2 at 5:00 PM, Seattle Center Fun Forest Pavilion
305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
That tattered fragment of the ghost of its former self, the Fun Forest sees its last weekend ever fall on the first weekend of the New Year. After 7 PM, Sunday, January 2nd, 2011, there will no more rides, games, lazer tag or bumper cars. So, I propose Bumper Cars at 5 PM and then, after 7 PM, conversations that sparkle like wine, with finger foods and beverages on the side, at a warm, convivial and comfortable venue location to be determined later but not far from the Seattle Center. Maybe a venue along the lines of the 1st Avenue Elysian--that was a fun meetup...
To begin, I would stay in the general area of the Center, within walking distance, for the convenience for those coming by bus. Of course, for me, that could extend to the top of Queen Anne Hill. But, as to the equivalent or even approximation of the 1st Avenue Elysian in the Greater Queen Anne, Lower or Upper, area, I have not a clue. It's been so long. So, the floor is open.

(But I would settle for dive bar, if it was quiet. All I know is I don't want loud, because then I can't hear a word anyone says, where I feel I have to shout. With that Elysian meetup, it seemed quieter than the average bar, and, for a fact, the MetaFilter contingent was the crowd there, the place otherwise lightly attended. And there, I seem to recall comfortable furniture, craft beverages and good finger food. But then, as noted above, I could settle for a quiet brew pub or dive or neighborhood bar. )

See also The Ill Fated 1st Attempt. It was a dark and stormy night--so the place closed early. D'oh! A no brainer only in retrospect. At least for me.
And, to be technical, it could be the second day of the Twenty Tweens as well as the Twenty Teens.
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The last Seahawks home game is that day, which means downtown bars are unlikely to be quiet or cosy. The game is at 1:15 pm PST, so possibly by the evening it will have cleared out some. I wouldn't put down a ton of money on that proposition, though. Queen Anne or Capitol Hill will almost certainly be better bets. I don't know Queen Anne that well, but there ought to be a decent brewpub around there that won't make our ears bleed. I'll ask some of my friends who live on QA if they have any suggestions.
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I'll ask some of my friends who live on QA if they have any suggestions.

As will I.

The game is at 1:15 pm PST, so possibly by the evening it will have cleared out some.

As for that, one might think that might have something to do with whether they win. Looking at their record, well....

At any rate, I have put this in the confirmed category so that it starts at the best and only possible time and date for the bumper car part--doing this so that it shows said time and date so people can put that into their mental hopper as soon as possible.

That takes care of the bumper car part but, as noted, we still have the venue to fix. So stay tuned and by all means make suggestions.
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Is this where we say whether we'd prefer Queen Anne or Capitol Hill? Because I'd prefer the later since I live there and all. But since I'll be busing anyway I'll go wherever y'all want.
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Or getting a ride, if the same crew shows up with me as last time. And I will be a bit more organized, I promise.

Otherwise, since I ride the bus and am a resident of Capitol Hill, as well, hell, yeah--a spot on the Hill would work for me, too.

I forgot about the #8--that would make busing to Capitol Hill a breeze if need be.

So, in that case, what would be the least loud places to meetup thereabouts ? I am so out of it on where to go anymore....
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The Fun Forest sucked more each time it was diminished--I don't think they had minature golf anymore, let alone Tilt-A-Whirl--but to be replaced by yet another Dale Chihuly museum slash gallery ? Just how many cubic feet need to be devoted to Mr. Ubiquitous Eyepatch Egomaniac Man hereabouts ? Are Chilhuly Museums the new Starbucks ? This is getting to be a bad Philip K Dick novel: like The Three Stigmata of Dale Chihuly. If not something Lovecraftian... C'mon -- hasn't that guy metastasized enough ?

And KEXP takes over the Northwest Rooms ? Well, to paraphrase Edward G. Robinson in The Ten Commandments addressing Moses: So, where's your comic book convention going to meet now, FanBoy ?

See also Record Collectors Swap Meet, etc. etc. That was a central location. Those sort of things are going to suffer as well....

Ah, it's so hard not to be cranky when you get old--they get rid of so many things that weren't entirely broken.

Well, as I said before, they should restore the Center to circa the 1962 World's Fair -- sky cars, Bubbleator, space burgers and Elvis.

If they build it, He will come....
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I am not the person to ask ... I don't spend a lot of time going out on the hill because I'm lame and work too many hours and have many other excuses that boil down to being lazy.

And the 8 is the perfect route for us but only runs every 30 minutes on Sundays which can be annoying if you hit it at just the wrong time so we'll have to plan ahead to leave the forest at a good time to avoid standing at the bus stop for 29 minutes.
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Well, its layover stop is next to the Bank of America on 1st Ave West across West Mercer from Ozzie's and it leaves at 6:54 PM or 7:27 PM on Sunday nights. So, even if we stick around to tear the place apart for souvenirs when they try to drive us out, we'll still have plenty of time to make the 7:27.
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Yeah that'll be fine. I'm going to ask a coworker who frequents cap hill bars as to which he would suggest (as soon as he drags his ass in to work).
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There is an Elysian in Capitol Hill on 12th and Pike. It's pretty spacious, they have some larger tables and we can probably call ahead to reserve one if that's necessary. It's not terribly loud in there, if I recall correctly, and I know we liked the downtown one, so that's an option.

Our loquacious-benefit trivia meetup was at Clever Dunne's, which was a pretty good time. It won't be trivia night so it won't be as packed as then, but I don't really know what they're like on Sundays.
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We've had a meet up at the Capitol Hill Elysian--it was louder than the one downtown but then it was fairly rockin' that night up on Capitol Hill--but a Sunday night might be more sparsely attended and therefore more optimum as far as being quiet. Clever Dunne's could be OK for the same reasons as well.

Any other suggestions ? Well, no need to jump the gun on Part 2 as yet. In any case, I will check in again here tomorrow.
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I can't really help with foods, but if you want great craft cocktails I'd be happy to host at Shorty's. I do the back bar on Sundays and its generally pretty quiet. I usually open at 8, but I can always open up earlier. And my policy of discounts to Mefites is still standing.

Plus, there's pinball.

Actually, now that I check the date again, I'll be open early that day for Sunday brunch and monthly pinball tournament. So no bumper cars for me :( , but the bar will be open at 7 for you :). And as its a potluck brunch if someone wants to bring something to snack on you are more than welcome to.
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Initially I thought we might have a kid in attendance for the bumper car part but as she has other plans, that looks less likely, so I find Jawn's suggestion genrous and as the concept has merit, wonder what the cloud thinks on this one -- the possible event attendees part of it, that is. It's walkable from the event and not all that far from the busline to the Hill, I do know that. I just hope they would have a craft root beer.
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Oooh, a meetup I know about in advance!

I won't fit in a bumper car, and I don't drink alcohol, but you know, the rest of it sounds really good.
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No craft root beer (they carry Hire's up front). But if you let me know your preferred brand I could probably pick up a six pack for Sunday.
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And just a heads up if you guys do come to Shorty's, please make sure that everyone has a valid ID. We have a doorman starting at 8 and we're very strict about that.

It looks like there's going to be 7-10? people there so I will hold the big table for you. If it looks like more will be coming give me a heads up and I can reserve some more of the room as well.

Looking forward to meeting some mefites!
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I'm game for Shorty's.
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Hires will do fine, I am sure, and we, the teeming apr├Ęs bumper car hordes may see you tomorrow. We will be the ones wearing red rubber ball clown noses. No doubt. Until then, happy MMXI !
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I can't do the bumper cars because of a recent neck sprain, but I'm down for pinball. I hope Karl can spare a clown nose.
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Karl - have you called to confirm they'll be open? If not, I can dig up the number and give them a jingle.
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May see you tomorrow ? What kinda gas was I huffin' ? Well, I will see you today, I should hope.

I am worried about the vagaries of the people running the place, however, and may go down a bit early to scout out the place. If it is closed, then the meetup's at Shorty's an hour or so or two earlier. With that in mind, I will send you yesses and maybes all a MeMail with my cellphone number--feel free to call ahead and check on that.
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Oh, man, I missed your comment while I was composing mine. Well, all the same, mission accomplished there. I will be a half hour early, so call me before you leave.
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I've apparently kicked off the new year with a mild case of food poisoning. Things are stabilized enough to make an effort to get to Shorty's, potentially, but bumper cars sound like perhaps the worst possible idea right now.
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I'm going to have to back out - my trip back East and back to Civilization again has given me a horrific cold - my sinuses are concreted and I have no voice at all. I'm rather sorry - I want to meet people, but going out seems a bad idea, much less infecting people with this.

I'll be thinking of this fondly over the TheraFlu.
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Now I find out, after memailing everyone -- well, I never!

Seriously, though, sorry to miss you.
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Hey all we've moved on to shorty's now so feel free to come. Right now it's just Karl and I but there's a table reserved so we hope more people show up. We're in the back room past the pinball machines.
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If you guys are still there a little later on, I am game. I have to work for a couple of hours first, am probably out around 9ish.
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I think we're going to end up bailing soon. No one else has shown up and since neither of us drink we make for pretty horrible bar attendees.
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Cirocco and I made it to Shorty's at 7.

And everyone else...took off already.
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Hell and tarnation! Jawn brought satsumas and a waxed mustache, though, so we're good.
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If people are still there around 8, I can be there. I was sort of under the impression that the bar part wasn't starting until after 7. I'll be checking in to see what you guys decide.
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And it sounds like you guys are going to be there for a bit?
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You like metal, we like metal. We shall stick around. In the back room
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Haha, nice, I knew that fpp would pay off. See you soon.
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palegirl, we're still here if you feel like showing up.
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Jawn is going to beat my record of closing out every meetup, but that's just cause he works here.
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OK, the Late Shift Shorty's Meetup of 3.5 people was a lot of fun. And many bloody doughnuts and Satsumas were consumed!

Glad to meet you, Errant and Jawn! And Cirocco is always awesome, because that's how she rolls.
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Y'all were great, a pleasure to meet you.
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When the cancellations started rolling in it was nigh-impossible for me to pry my ass off the sofa and hike down to the bus stop in the freezing night, but I'm glad I pulled out the crowbar and the fleece hoodie.

This morning I found a satsuma in my handbag.
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Damn - this is what I get for having habitually late friends to come over and help me move furniture (harrumph)! I missed it.
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Cir - that's because I gave it to you!
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I'm very sorry I missed it.

But on the other hand, I'd really feel bad if any of you got my cold.
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Thanks to everyone who made it out, it was great to meet you all. The satsumas and donuts were left over from our monthly potluck brunch (and pinball tournament!) which we do on the first Sunday of every month at 1. Any of you who'd like to join us are welcome.
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I wonder if those drunk people who ate that 7 hour old bacon are feeling it now.
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The first part, the two person part meetup was fun enough, albeit not without its awkwardness-- the first two rounds were by ourselves. But we got our bumper car on and had a blast. Man, we put those cars through their paces. We had a couple of head ons where we were going so fast, the cars just clanged and crunched when we hit. And then burst out laughing. Man, I haven't laughed so much for a long time.

And, actually, having that whole court to ourselves was fun, too. We were banging them so hard because we got up to such speeds. It was fun just to drive them around loop de loop style and race.

Then we got another round with a family of four. Which was fun, too, albeit without the crashing head on collisions. And we gave our last two tickets a piece, which was the price of one round, to them.

The pavilion smelled like it always did with that mix of funk anf grease and spun sugar and what have you. (Oddly enough, what Shorty's smelled like was not that far from the smell of the pavilion. )

And it had that carnival amusement park sleaze with the ring toss and shoot em up side show games with the cheap stuffed animals and such. But all the same, you just can't help but laugh out loud when you are driving those little machines around that little track. I'm so glad I went and I am so glad that kthxbi showed up.

And Jawn was the greatest, too. It ws something to watch him shake those drinks--like an outtake from Cocktail or Roadhouse. I can see why he calls them craft cocktails. That guy is a pro.

I am very glad that you all made it to keep cirocco company and have fun. I felt bad when kthxbi and I were on our way to our bus stop and cirocco called. But I was beat. Had I not been so tired from working on New Year's Day, I think I would have stuck around a little longer but there it was. And tomorrow was back to work. Still, I am sorry I missed you all.

But, tired and cold, I begged off and we begged off and moments later, right after hanging up, spotted the #8 as it was pulling up to the stop near the corner of 5th Avenue & Chief Seattle -- a block away. Which we ran to catch and caught, which was no small thing, considering how cold it was. Now that was just in time delivery.

Side irony: the four seater Manx TT Superbike Twin arcade video game scrolled through to a complete with Her Majesty's boiler plate Isle of Man Tourist Board endorsement. That cracked me up. Now, I wonder who is going to pick that up--as the Fun Forest has a Facebook page up to sell it and everything else off.

Now, had it been a little warmer, I would have tried one of the outdoor rides, too. Kthxbi was game but I wussed out. Too cold. But the bumper cars were great. I laughed out loud a lot.
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I also had such a blast ramming my car into y2karl's as much as possible. The young guy running the ride kept laughing at us - not sure if you noticed. Good times.

And Jawn wrote me a cryptic note on his clothing business's business card which I was very proud of translating. Sorry we missed the rest of you that showed up later, but as y2karl said, we'd already been meetuping for a few hours and we were already most of the way to the bus when you called.
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