DC FOODIES are in the jungle, baby!
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Sat June 18 at 1:00 PM, Thip Khao
3462 14th St NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello food fans of DC! We had an excellent Uzbek lunch last weekend (with duffell and CatastropheWaitress' tiny adorable baby!!) and I think it's about time we got back into a routine. I promised metro accessibility, I promised vegetarian options, and I think a great way to fulfill the promise would be at Thip Khao, an excellent Laotian restaurant in Columbia Heights which wants to welcome you to the jungle. Who's in?
Date/time updated. Please RSVP by the 16th so that I can make a reservation, thanks!

Metro access via Yellow/Green lines is available as well as S1/S2/S4 and 52/53/54 buses.

Thip Khao isn't strict vegetarian by a long shot but there are lots of veggie dishes/they're also willing to modify offerings - I've dined there with a vegan with no trouble. I've also dined there with my brother who was more like "hell yeah I am going to eat an invasive snakehead fish" so it's very customizable to your diet and tastes.
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^^ first IRL use of #welcometothejungle tag
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I'm out June 24-26 but basically any other day is good.
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I'm not available at the end of that week (30th on), but otherwise free.
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I've been wanting to join you guys!

Personally, I could do lunch on June 12th, June 18th, June 19th, or June 26th. Would any of those times/dates work for you all?

(The best for me would be lunch on June 18th).
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Metro Accessibility? Ha! SafeTrack is in effect.
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I am interested in this, depending on the day that week. Weekends are always better for me though.
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caseus velox and I will almost definitely be there, considering we live about 2 blocks away and we love Thip Khao.

I was so excited to find out that their pad lao is just like the pad thai from this place in Madison, WI, that has pad thai unlike any other place I've ever been (it's spicy and red, not sweet and brown, and despite what google says about red pad thai, it is NOT MADE WITH KETCHUP). On a related note, whenever I mention this place to people from Wisconsin, they always think I'm saying "tip cow."
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It would be great to make it to one of these, though last week in June may be problematic. Is the date still tentative?
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Since I'm hearing a weekend preference and ideally not the weekend of the 24th, let's do lunch on the 18th. Hope everyone can make it!
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Oh hey the 18th is also Columbia Heights Day! Anyone want to meet me early and go check out the festival on 11th before heading over to Thip Khao? (Maybe 12:15 at the CH metro?)
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Oh, glad I checked back in and saw the date was changed from the original proposal--I can make this one! Because I am a horrible lazy person I will be driving in from Rockville if anyone would like a ride along that trajectory.
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Hey all, I am the worst and unfortunately failed to make a reservation - just tried them now and apparently they don't accept them after 4PM. I will call tomorrow at noon when they open to get us on the list - I'll put it under "Alexa". See you tomorrow!
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Unfortunately I think we're probably not going to make this one -- we were hoping to come but I think this afternoon probably isn't happening. Have a fantastic time and hopefully see you all soon!
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Reservation made!
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I may be running a bit late, but I'll be there!
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Oh rats I'm gonna have to no show. Have fun!
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I popped in early and am at the bar
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Be there in 10!
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