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Hi all – Moving back to NYC after many of my friends left/had kids/etc wasn't a positive thing for my social life. Same goes for being self-employed and working from home. Who wants to play some cribbage, put some records on, and have a drink?
One thing that was great in Minnesota (where I came back here from) was that everyone knew how to play cribbage and they were down for Saturday afternoon cards, tunes, and drinking. I'd like to bring a little bit of that back. If 1, 2, or 3 people want to come by my place on a Saturday afternoon/evening and do the same, great. (Bonus if you're also a Midwesterner: I miss the accents.) I've got a well-stocked bar and a cribbage board. Music-wise, my profile has my, but, generally speaking, Europeans with synths are where I start.
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Will you teach people the game?
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Ah, I missed this (but yeah, don't know how to play cribbage either). Post some more, my social life also suffers from being self-employed (and living in Upstate Manhattan, tho), and I like hanging out with MeFites.
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I always have to re-remember the rules.
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Oh, hm, yanno, it didn't occur to me that I could teach people how to play. Well, I mean, I've tried teaching my wife, but she always thinks I make it up each time I re-explain it.

Anyway... I suppose I could try to teach some people. It'd probably be best to have two people who know how to play and two noobs: you play in pairs with four, and this way, the experience is equally divided and shared. Let's see if another posts who already knows.
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Oh, PS gusandrews, "upstate Manhattan?" I used to live across the street from 190th St on the A and I used to say "upstate Manhattan." Good call.
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I'm interested! I know the basic rules, but never played with anyone experienced so have always felt like I was missing out on a lot of strategy.
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It's been about 10 years, but I can probably remember.

I can usually make my way to Manhattan in the afternoon on weekends, but evenings aren't workable for me, unfortunately.
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Ooh - cribbage! I would be game for some cribbage on a Saturday in Manhattan. I might be able to bring along some Midwesterners too, although sans the accents.
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This sounds nice, though like others I'd need a refresher. Keep us posted!
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Great, it looks like we're gaining some momentum. I'll have to see what I can do about finding somewhere: Manhattan is tougher for me to do than Brooklyn, but maybe I could find someplace around the LES. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for your interest!
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Drop by my store (The Strand Book Store) on 12th and Broadway if your in the neighborhood.
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I’m late to reply but please count me in as interested. (Brooklyn & LES both OK.) I have a cribbage board I can bring; no Midwestern accent, though, despite long sojourn in the land of cribbage & euchre.
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