It's my party, and I'll throw it late if I want to
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Fri December 18 at 7:00 PM, Death & Co
433 E 6th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
*****EVENT CANCELLED***** Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I'd like to see MeFite buddies - old or new, acquaintance or friend, prodigal son or one of the regulars - all are welcome!
So I've been watching a lot of Mad Men, and now all I want to do is look fashionable, drink cocktails, and feel superior because I'm in Manhattan. MeFites have seemed to enjoy fancy cocktail meetups in the past, so this seemed a good fit.

I've put Death + Co down, but I'm not married to it. My primary concern is a space where people can sit comfortably and converse at a pleasant volume. Somewhere where people can come and go a little more freely (Death + Co needs a reservation) might be better depending on the crowd size and what people have going on. I also imagine that if people want to continue the party past a drink or two (I sure hope so!) that we will migrate. More booze, food, even booty shaking (though MeFites is not a big dancing crowd, I don't think) - I'm open to all of these possibilities and your suggestions.

If you're home before midnight, I'll be disappointed.

Next Monday and next Tuesday are alternate nights if this Friday really doesn't work. Maybe Saturday.

Finally, if there is anyone who is feeling hesitant about attending because of the cost of the drinks - which can go into the $15-$20 range - please let me know privately, and I will be happy to buy you a drink. I do not want that to stop anyone from attending. Beer, which should be below $10, is available at some of these places as well.
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Oh, no! I have concert tickets that night!

Happy slightly belated birthday, anyway. If this gets rescheduled, I'd be happy to come.
posted by SansPoint at 6:17 AM on December 14, 2015

I should be able to make it! Let me know if you wind up needing a reservation at your venue choice and I will commit for sure (and figure out if +1 can come as well).
posted by ferret branca at 7:00 AM on December 14, 2015

Maybe a silly question, but yelp pictures are failing me - what's the dress code like?
posted by revertTS at 7:17 AM on December 14, 2015

Happy birthday! I can't make Friday, I'm going to a Holiday party but I hope you have a lovely time!
posted by SpaceWarp13 at 3:11 PM on December 14, 2015

Happy birthday! I will be out of town or I would have loved to come.
posted by TheLittlePrince at 8:02 PM on December 14, 2015

Happy birthday! I should be able to make it by about 8.
Dress code is business casual and dressy. Jeans may be acceptable. No sneakers i don't think.
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I am pretty sure I have worn sneakers there and they didn't kick me out. I don't really remember any sense of a dress code, to be honest--it's a fancy bar but not that fancy. I went there a while ago though, could have changed.
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Poop, we have tickets for Star Wars. Please meet us for a late movie!
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Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Regarding dress code, I'm not sure. Maybe just avoid jeans and sneakers to be safe?

It turns out Death + Co does not take reservations. The one time I was there, they were very strict about not seating until the entire party was there. In fact, they wouldn't even let me in the building in the middle of winter. However, in that case, I was the only person there and the rest hadn't come yet. I'm not certain if they will be equally strict if the majority of the party is there and one or two people are missing. So, show late if you want, but I can't guarantee you a seat if you do.

Computech_apolloniajames, I/we probably couldn't get up your way until much later. What time were you thinking?
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Hey ya'll. I'm pulling the plug on this. I stayed out most of the night last night so I'm pretty whipped, and there seems to be no serious interest.
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