2015 Great Metafilter Cookie Swap East Bay Meetup!
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Sun December 6 at 2:00 PM, kalessin & jenquat's house
2008 Prince St, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
To support the 2015 Metafilter Cookie Swap, jenquat and I are hosting an informal cookie swap meetup for those in groups Ukulele and Melodica and anyone else who feels like showing up! If you are attending, please bring some cookies, preferably homemade. If you are making cookies for the cookie swap and you want to share extras, please do!
We think the meetup will be about 2 hours long at most. I think we have one group member so far confirmed. You may be asked to ID yourself and your cookies, by, at least, your MeFi name.

To be clear, this is both a cookie swap meetup for folks in the cookie swap AND for other folks who want to meetup and possibly also share cookies.

Other data:
- We have a shy cat.
- We will provide some nibbles.
- Let us know if you will bring extra cookies to expand the cookie swapping.
- Please bring containers to put your cookie looting booty in.
- No smoking in the house.
- BYOB, though if we like you we reserve the right to make you a cocktail. Or just geek out about food/drink in general.
- You may somehow see kalessin's Mom. She's quite nice.
- We are very near Ashby BART. Closer than 2 blocks. Parking is also available on the street.
- To our group members, we will get you your cookies SOMEHOW even if you can't make it. It's cool. :)
- This meetup is not officially affiliated with the cookie swap)
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I'm bringing extra cookies for sure. And a bottle of wine! Yay!
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I'll bring my Melodica swap cookies and extra to share. And... something else! I can't even decide on my cookie so who knows what will happen with drinks and/or other treats. I'm super excited!
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Sounds great! See you all then. Thanks for putting this together kalessin and jenquat.
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Yay! You are welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit and exchangingness.
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I'm bringing a friend who, in addition to being a totally delightful and amazing human being, also got hit by a car on her bike yesterday. She's ok, but super shaken up and sore. So she really needs some good tidings and cookie cheer!
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Okay. The only warning I have is that our house has 9 concrete steps up to the front porch. And there aren't really rails per se. But if she can get up and down the stairs, we can make sure she's comfortable while hanging out.
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I'm not in the Cookie Swap (missed it again!) so, if I want to come visit and bring cookies - how many do you think you all can eat?
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The guideline from the cookie swap is 6 cookies per recipient. jenquat is talking a big game about making a bunch of different kinds of cookies!
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So bummed I can't make this, but I hope your swap/meet-up is the best! Great idea. #TeamMelodica
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Oh, kalessin, thanks for your concern! She's totally, 100% okay with stairs. Just in need of healing cookies.
Y'all, I don't even know what I'm making yet!!! Future missmary6 will figure it out on Saturday.
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mountmccabe and I are going to attempt to rally and get to this—I'd love to meet more of the mighty California bakers! If we make it, we'll bring leftovers from our baking adventures.
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I changed my rsvp to yes, and am creating 30 lemon cookies as I write this.
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Won't be there at 2, but we're coming!
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Sadly unable to make it today, but yay cookie meetup! Enjoy the deliciousness.
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Thanks to everyone who was able to attend! We think we may share extra cookies with various dear neighbors. I'll drop a note about where the cookies go if I'm able to capture the info.

I also did the cookie drop to the missing party in my swap circle (Ukulele group!) this evening. It was a bit foreboding with a tall gate and a big warning sign against a security dog, but inside the gate it was cheery, small and charming, and I did not meet any dogs. I left the bag on the covered porch and didn't ring or knock since the lights were all off. I dropped a note to ausdemfenster's gmail address to ask if there were other ways to confirm receipt.
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A box containing a ton of amazing cookies just showed up at my apartment, and I didn't hear the buzzer because I was furiously baking. Thank you, east baykers!! :)
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You're welcome, Baker Furiosa!
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Somehow we have powered through and are almost finished with the cookies we brought home.

Tasting different cookies with our kid has been great fun! Casper (3yrs old) had a strong preference for books for weapon's soft cookies. He also told me we should have more of bleep's lemon sparkle (yemon partzles) cookies next time. I called jenquat's wedding cookies sandies and he kept taking bites and saying "there not sand in here." When he tasted my coconut chocolate chip he said "hmm, yummy. why dis cookie so hard?" and then every time the cookie box came out he'd yell, "not a hard one!" I always over bake... so next time I make cookies SOFT is the goal!

This cookie full week has been wonderful! Thank you everyone!!
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That is delightful!
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