Disneyland Meetup?
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Going to Disneyland is mostly about having a great capacity to stand in lines. Standing in line with people that would be really interesting to talk to sounds like a win to me. Standing in line with beer in California Adventure land with interesting people would be....magical.
Also...Local pass holders, once we are a known group, then visiting MeFites can give us a shout for company.

Anyone interested?
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I'd potentially be down for a weekday trip during a non-vacation period. I'm willing to spend time at the park when most kids are in school; anything else is pure masochism.
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weekdays with a forecast of rain are always the best...

i'm thinking something after the pre-thanksgiving rush, the thanksgiving rush, and the madness of december.
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I don't have a pass, but I love the park. So I'd be down.
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I have one of the week-day, no-holiday passes and Thursdays are my usual day off.

I'll keep an eye on this invite for sure!
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I have a friend who works in the park and just spoke with her this morning. She said this coming week will be busy with the opening of the Star Wars attractions (Hyper-Space Mountain, etc). And then the holiday season is ridiculous. She recommended January and February as the best times to go.
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