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Sat November 14 at 7:00 PM, Yellow Jacket Social Club
1704 E 5th St, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Austin meetup. Saturday, November 14. 7:00. Yellow Jacket Social Club. That is, if any of you mofos are as interested in meeting me as I am in meeting y'all.
I've recently moved back to a very different town than the one I moved away from in 2001. What can I say - it's still home. Come one, etc.
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And if any of y'all see this today as in between right now and 7 or 8, I'm currently hunkered down at Spiderhouse hiding from the rain. Shoot me a memail or whatever and come say hi. I'm nice.
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I was about to propose one for the weekend of the 14th-15th since I've been waiting to see when I would be out of town (and just found out yesterday evening when that would be). And I was going to propose the new Dog and Duck location so we could check it out. So, barring a time when I am actually out of town, I am down for this.
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As of now, either of those days/early evenings will work for me.
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Not available the 14th/15th myself, but could do the weekends on either side of it.

I would also like to check out the Dog & Duck at its new digs.
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It would have to be a weekend for me. I'll keep checking back and hone that maybe into a yea|nay at some point...
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I have Sunday afternoon rehearsals for a gig the first week of December, so don't plan around me, but I will make it if I can, once a date is set.
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Interested. Only day I can't do is 7th.
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We're talking weekends? I think I should be around.
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Let's do a weekend then, at the Dog & Duck. Their new location is perfect for me as I work at Hotel Vegas and can just scoot on over to an evening full of drunk hip youngsters afterwards. Saturday the 14th (omg JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!) at 6:00 OK with almost everyone? Good, it's settled.
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Wait. Shit. Is the new Dog & Duck open? I have no idea and can't tell from 30 seconds of googling.
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They have a phone number listed on their web site.
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I'd like to attend. I missed the last one.
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So if it's not apparent by now I suck at this. It doesn't appear that the Dog and Duck has reopened yet, so I'm going to go ahead and take the initiative and set this for 7:00 at the nearby Yellow Jacket Social Club on Saturday the 14th. Travel thousands of miles if you have to but all should attend!
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Um hey. I still plan on being there and hope some of you guys show up.
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We are planning on it. I messed up my knee so I'm behind on online things.
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Oh good. See you tonight, and here's hoping your knee feels better.
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Also FYI, the meetup calendar for iCal (and presumably Google Calendar) says the meetup is tomorrow night so that may also be an issue. You might want to reconfirm the date or something to get that to update properly.
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Man, I wanted to make it to this, but it looks like the friend I'm hosting won't get in until 6:30 or so and is going to want to not go anywhere for a bit after that.

Looking forward to the next one!
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I hate to bail out last second but due to a screwup with insurance stuff, I am now grounded until Monday, when my doctor can tell them I need the expensive medication and not the cheap one that sent me to the ER. Mad Carew and I will catch you next time.
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Ok. Well, I'll be there anyway as I go into work a block away at 8:45. If anyone shows, I'll be the guy in the black rimmed glasses and engineer's cap.
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