Portland Maine anyone?
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By my calculations it's been more than a year since the last Portland, ME meetup. I see Askme questions all the time about our fair city with copious and quality answering, so why not?
I have no agenda re: location or time/date. Someplace casual with good food and beer? Salvage has worked OK a few times? Let me know if you are interested, as we are currently in the gauging stage.
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I'm in. Salvage was good; Bayside Bowl would also work, and has more varied food options if anyone is vegetarian.
posted by donnagirl at 4:35 AM on October 8, 2015

Depending on day, I'd be up for it.
posted by JanetLand at 4:51 AM on October 8, 2015

I'm kind of far away now, but would be up for it on a Friday night or weekend.
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My schedule is always in flux lately, but I'll be there if I can!
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What a terrific idea. I have a standing event on Friday evenings, most any other time works.
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I could do this on a weekend; I too am kind of far away.
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Same -- I'd be interested if the timing was right, but it's a two-hour drive from here.
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I probably should have mentioned at the top that I, also, am probably only available on weekends since my weekdays tend to be 100% booked with work/kids.

The idea of Bayside is somewhat intriguing... I am terrible at bowling but I also enjoy it. If there was a critical mass of attendees who could confirm we could probably swing that.

But just grabbing beer/food is cool also.

I'm going to suggest we pick a weekend in early-mid November or late October? Any later and we run into holiday complications for people.
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I would be in for a weekend afternoon/early evening.

We just did an event at Bayside Bowl for work, and while it was fun it was hella noisy and hard to really chat. What about Arcadia National? (facebook.com/ArcadiaNationalBar) Sunday afternoons are boardgames and booze.
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How about Sunday afternoon, 10/8?
Boardgames and booze is quite appealing.
http://www.arcadiaportland.com/ 24 Preble Street

and Salvage is also pleasant
http://www.salvagebbq.com/ 919 Congress

Bayside Bowl is probably not so noisy on a Sunday afternoon
baysidebowl.com 58 Alder St.
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I take it you mean 11/08?

That date is fine with me.
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Sunday 10/18 or Sunday 11/8 would both work for me.
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Bayside has a restaurant/bar area for the bowling-averse, or if we'd rather just eat and chat, and much better food than you'd expect from a bowling alley. I agree it's super loud if there's live music, but I'm not sure what it's like when there's not. There's also Binga's, but it would be mobbed on a Sunday afternoon during football season. Good for other times/days though.

I haven't been to Arcadia but it sounds fun. Sunday 11/8 is good for me.
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We'd be up for this, ideally at a kid friendly venue so we could bring small person along too?
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Yes, of course I meant 11/08, but now I have an event at 3. So, for me, Nov 1 or Nov 7 would be better. Or around 1 on the 7th.
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Ok, if people want to weigh in on the 7th or 8th let me know, I'll set it to one of those days. I can do either.

Looking at Arcadias site it looks the the Boardgames thing is actually on Saturdays? So that would be the 7th. I believe that's all ages but I don't think the bar is generally.

I'll try and set a date this week.
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The facebook page has the current monthly schedule. Saturdays are kind of a free for all (open for kids from 12-4). This is the October schedule; the November one isn't up yet.
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7th or 8th works for me. Maybe the 8th would work a tiny bit better.
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I could do the 7th during the day but not at night as I have tix for AMY SCHUMER (no big, I'm chill). The 8th I'm good all day. The Patriots play at 1pm, which will make some places mobbish in the early afternoon but better later in the day.
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Damn, we're down in Boston that weekend. Free the weekends either side of that one if there's a move to shift it.
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I'll be away as well but would love to join if there's any chance of doing it the next weekend!
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Sorry, I haven't ended up having the time or headspace to get this organized. If anyone else wants to set a time or date I am happy to update the post, otherwise I guess better luck next time?
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