Central VT welcomes chrismear & greenish
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Fri October 9 at 6:00 PM, One Main
2 Merchants Row, Randolph, VT, USA (Map & Directions)
chrismear returns to Vermont after almost exactly 8 years since his last visit, this time with his lovely fiance, greenish. You are cordially invited to gather for drinks and/or dinner to help welcome them! The date for this event is Friday, October 9.
The plan is to meet at One Main in Randolph at 6pm for drinks and then dinner at say 6:30. If you wish to have dinner, please make sure you RSVP so that I can make reservations with an accurate head count.

Depending on people's wishes we may take the party across the street to Railside for some billiards afterwards.
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Woooo! Can't wait to see you all! Thanks so much for organising this, terrapin.
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*much excite*
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Doh, I'm passing through the preceding weekend. Have fun!
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I went from maybe to no, and now back to maybe. I'd love to meet (re-meet) folks, but obviously scheduling my life out that far in advance is a current challenge for me.
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If I could get a head count for those who plan to eat dinner with us by Wednesday that would be helpful. I'd like to make reservations.
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I'm in for all-of-the-above!
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I have MeMailed meinvt about dinner on Friday. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day to RSVP for dinner at 6:30 as I will be making reservations. If you plan to just stop by, have drinks, and or fend for yourself for dinner, PLEASE join us whenever it is convenient. IF we aren't at One Main, try Rail Side across Merchants Row.

Really looking forward to seeing some MeFites!
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What great craic!

Thanks to all who came out!

My photos.
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I didn't smoke any craic! I did take pics, though, and here they are.

Awesome to meet you Brits! One day I hope to visit your side of the Atlantic.
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