Metafilter Cares Wrapping Party!
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Sat December 11 at 11:00 AM, Private Apartment
Time Warner Center, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
We're having a little wrapping party for the MetafilterCares gifts. Details inside.
spec80 and I are hosting a brunch party to wrap the gifts shipped to her house for the MetafilterCares gift drive. The party will be held at spec80's apartment, which is near Columbus Circle. Due to space limitations, the guest list is limited to 9 people (not including the two of us and our spouses), and we'll need your names in advance for the doorman. I'll send our directions to the apartment closer to the event date.

Things you can bring: gift wrapping materials (BYO Scissors and scotch tape encouraged), holiday cheer.

Thanks for helping out!
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I'm totally in. How must gift wrap do you recommend each person brings? And how many name tags or cards would we need?
posted by TrishaLynn at 9:13 AM on November 19, 2010

Well, we're going to be wrapping.... about 50 items, give or take? Probably more. So, as much as you can!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 9:38 AM on November 19, 2010

Putting myself as "Maybe" so I can be an alternate. I don't want to take a spot from someone who wants it, but if y'all are falling short, I'll be happy to help. My schedule's just a bit hectic right now.
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Um. I would love to come and help, but I would have to bring my toddler. Would that be too much of a nightmare? She's a good kid and doesn't get into stuff, so there wouldn't be any houseproofing worries or anything.
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FYI, Target has some really cute wrapping paper in their $1 section -- it's in short rolls, perfect for books and smallish toys.
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Would being around all the toys that aren't for her freak her out?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 11:46 AM on November 19, 2010

yeah, I don't know. Probably not a good idea, just for the unknowns. Sad! If only her dad wasn't out of town that weekend.
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She's what, 2.25? Just leave her with the TV remote and some snacks, what could go wrong? :-P
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I would love to join you guys for some present wrapping but would definitely cede my place to someone else who really wants to join in.
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If there's a spot left, I'm in! Are there any specific types of gift wrap we should bring (or avoid)?
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Just in case there will be any food concerns, there will be assorted bagels and spreads, fruits, bacon, cinnamon coffee cake, orange juice (with or without sparkling wine), coffee and tea. If there are any concerns, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate!
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I'll put myself down as a "maybe' -- but I'm also looking for the link to signing up for the Mefi Cares project proper and can't seem to find it. Help?
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I care! And I can wrap like a champ. This is a great meet up idea TPS, count me in.
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I would love to! I've met some of you all once at a meet-up in Queens, and I would like to see you again. And I love wrapping!
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Well, it looks like there are nine people definitely coming. If anyone decides not to go, I enjoy playing with wrapping paper, scissors and tape.
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I'm only counting 6, sciencegeek; spec80 and I and our husbands don't count toward the 9, so you should be good.
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spec80: I'm looking to buy wrapping paper after I get paid tomorrow so that I can be sure to contribute. Is there a chance I could have the wrapping paper delivered to your building, too?

Also, for those of us (like me) who weren't able to get in on the first two gift passes: here's the link
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Then I'm in for wrapping. I will see what I have in terms of wrapping paper and tape. I definitely have scissors. (not sure what that says about me other than that I am prepared to run with scissors at the drop of a hat)
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TrishaLynn: Sure, that is not a problem. Have you checked with TPS though? I believe she got some cash donations to buy things like wrapping paper. I do not know the status though.
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I was planning to buy some wrapping paper for the party, but anything that can be brought/sent in advance will be helpful! Just let me know!
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I found full-sized holiday cards at the party store near my office for less than a dollar per card for certain styles that are non-denominational and more wintery than religious. How many cards would we need if we were to place write a message inside?
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I don't know that we would need full-sized cards; regular gift tags would probably do. The priority first is to get wrapping paper and other wrapping materials.
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Gotcha. Alas, the party store didn't have any, but I'll be getting some from a Duane Reade or whatever on my way into the office tomorrow.
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Looks like I will have to work that day, so I'm going to have to back out. Sorry to miss it.
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I'm MeMailing everybody to get your names for the list for the doorman on Saturday!
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Sadly, I can't make it this Saturday. HOWEVER, I will be visiting later this month, and would love it if you all could come to my meetup.

Can't wait to see you all again!
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Meetup tomorrow, hurray! And there's still room for folks. Be sure to drop me your name for the doorman so I can give you the address where the meetup is! Doing so tomorrow morning will probably be too late.
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We're bringing 8 rolls of wrapping paper and 5 rolls of scotch tape! Weeeeeeee!
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In that case, I will buy bows and nametags just before I get there. Will text you, TPS, for specific directions to the place as well.
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I will come with a few pair of scissors and whatever else I can find in the closet.
Also, today is Santacon, so be on the lookout for insanity.
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spec80 needs to cater all our meetups. I'll chip in!
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So very sorry to have missed out, but sometimes work calls. Next year, though!
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So much fun! Thanks for hosting, it was great to see everyone and meet some new people! Please come to more meetups ! Hugs!
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Thanks for being great guests!! I had a lot of fun!
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Great work, everyone! Thanks so much. I posted my crummy cell phone pics. The gifts have been delivered in Brooklyn, the organization head was very grateful.
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We saw smatterings of SantaCon most of the way down to Brooklyn, too. SOME YEAR I really am going to get around to doing that. Today would've been great, with the weather being so warm.
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Gracious and very tasty hostessing from spec80 so we had plenty of room, nourishment, and hydration; meticulous organizing by ThePinkSuperhero so the wrapping project was idiot-proof (which I always appreciate) and actually fun. Thanks so much to both of you--I'm in for next year's triple-digit wrapfest!

Fellow wrappers, y'all helped put me in a festive holiday mood that survived a train ride downtown with a package* of loud, off-key Santacon Santas. That's some powerful festive! Thanks much, and I hope to see everyone at the next meetup.

*Best collective noun I could think of. Suggestions welcome.
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I do love Santacon and have Santaed myself so I'm not slagging the entire enterprise. The C train package I encountered was an outlier. They apparently thought "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" has a total of ten words: "You better watch out" plus the title. Umpteen reprises (did I mention loud and off-key?) tends to dampen the charm.
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Thanks everyone, and special thanks to spec80 for hosting and to ThePinkSuperhero for organizing this! I had a wonderful time and foresee more meetups in my future!

I missed the Santacon memo so I was briefly very confused my the gaggle of Santas/elves/reindeer I saw on the way out. Looks like fun!
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I saw a Santa fall on the tracks when I was waiting for the subway. He was helped up by other Santas. He was not wearing pants.

Spec80: a lovely brunch! Thank you for hosting and for delicious coffee cake.
TPS: that was indeed some fine, fine organization of gifts.
Everyone else: It was great seeing you all
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