Gentlemen Of The Road Walla Walla Breakfast
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Sat August 15 at 10:00 AM, wallabear's house
621 East Sumach Street, Walla Walla, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Mumford & Sons are bringing their Gentlemen Of The Road festival to Walla Walla, Washington, and it's a couple blocks from my house. Link. I'd love to have a Saturday morning breakfast meetup for any MeFites who might be attending.
Pancakes, breakfast meat, eggs, whatever rounds out that breakfast, bloody marys, mimosas, non-alcohol beverages...

We'll meet mid-morning on Saturday and have fun Meta-company.

I have the great good fortune of being three blocks from the main venue, and directly in the path of the walk to downtown for the smaller venues & festivities. Pretty much, a couple tens of thousands will be walking past my home to & fro. I will be delighted to tell you a bit of inside info about where things are at, getting about, etc.

Most of you will be camping at the official campground, just a short distance away. I can accommodate a couple tents in my yard but parking around here will be impossible if you don't already have a place. Don't even try to drive around my neighborhood. If you need a bit of space to pitch a tent, memail me. I'm also offering up shower and toilet facilities, I have no idea what the campground will have available; if you're in need of something more than a basic hosing-down, memail me. Not to ADA spec, just a few stairs, FYI.

I am beside myself with excitement about this whole thing, please join me and my wonderful hippybear, and my family, for a meetup I never thought would happen.
Also, please check my one and only FPP I just spoke with Gerry and he will be open on Saturday. Not to be missed!
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Hello there! I had no idea such a Museum of Un-Natural History existed. I'll have to go check it out with my friend who's into all that stuff.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this wonderful breakfast as it's all hands on deck out at L'Ecole No 41 that weekend.

I have a festival ticket and will be attending events as I can. Is anybody open for a meet up after evening events?
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I'm up for whatever. MeFites are groovy to hang with. :)
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The City of WW has confirmed my "don't try to drive around my neighborhood", having asked us to put out our trash/recycle bins a day early due to street closures. Leaving work at noon on Friday and not driving anywhere, shouldn't be too big a hassle. Safeway is just a few blocks down the street if anyone needs supplies during the weekend.

nrobertson, yeah, what hippy said. I was thinking hanging in the yard and chatting with passersby :) If you have a place in mind feel free to post it here or start another IRL, your choice.

Oh, and Gerry called me and he may open on the Friday as well as Saturday. Definitely go, and don't be afraid to laugh out loud. Absurdity is the point. My best moments at the MoU-NH were seeing horrified or puzzled faces as I chuckled in my sleeve. He's a gem.
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I'm going to be parking behind your cars in your driveway if that's okay.
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Well, it appears this isn't reaching anyone, so I'll call this off as an official meetup.

If you've seen this and will be in WW this weekend, my house is the one on Sumach with the "Bernie for President" sign, can't miss it :) Let me know you'll be around, or just stop by. If we're not out enjoying music, we'll be hanging in the front yard people-watching and drinking something. Come enjoy some conversation.
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