SAA hangs in Cleveland this August
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Anyone going to SAA in Cleveland this year? I don't know the landscape of restaurants/bars/etc. there, but it would be fun to hang out with other MeFites either local to Cleveland or attending the conference. Sometime Thursday-Friday-Saturday 8/20-22 would work for me.
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I'm not, but I'm archivist friendly and would be up for a GTG!
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 3:09 AM on June 24, 2015

I'm a local, not attending the conference, but would be glad to meetup if I'm available.
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Awesome! Any recommendations for places to go?
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I'm a local (also not attending) who might be interested in a meetup. There are tons of things to do in Cleveland, so we might be better at making recommendations if you can tell us where the conference is.
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Googling, it looks like the Renaissance, so Public Square.
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That block of restaurants/bars on E. 4th would probably be most convenient, I guess? Or maybe Detroit Shoreway.
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(If you head up to Detroit Shoreway, I think a visit to Cleveland's universally beloved dogs-and-tots joint, the Happy Dog, would be fun for visitors and locals alike, but it's a bit further from Public Square and I don't know if people attending the conference expect to rent cars etc.
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Another local down for a meetup in theory; unfortunately, in practice, summer is the busy season for me, so my usually irregular and erratic work schedule becomes even more so. So I'll have to be a "maybe" up until I actually walk in the door.

If you're downtown, some of "where to go" might depend on your transportation options - our public transportation system can, IME, leave much to be desired if you're not traveling to (or in) a relatively small number of areas during more-or-less regular business hours. If you've got access to a car then the whole metro area is your oyster.

Also worth noting - I luuuuuurve the Happy Dog, but they almost always have loud-ish bands Wed/Thurs through Sunday from 9 pm on. If that's not your thing, but you still want a dog (and tater tots!), they open for lunch @ 11 am Thurs-Sun.
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I can't speak for other attendees (and yes, the conference will be at the Renaissance at Public Square) but something like the Happy Dog sounds great. Especially since I'll probably have a car. Maybe tentatively plan on that and the specific date/time will emerge soon.
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