Phire's coming to NYC! Let's have a meetup!
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Long-time MeFi user Phire is gonna be in New York City from May 28th to June 1st! We should obviously get together at some point while she's around (and I'll make a pilgrimage up if at all possible). Quoth her: "The only firm commitment we have is the game on Sunday afternoon, so maybe just propose something for that weekend and see what times work for people?"
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I would be delighted to come but know I am busy on the 30th and a good swath of the 31st. Friday evening, anyone?
posted by ferret branca at 7:53 AM on May 1, 2015

I wouldn't be able to personally attend a Friday night thing, as a datapoint.
posted by rorgy at 2:57 AM on May 7, 2015

How about the Saturday afternoon?
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Saturday would be my preference as well!
posted by rorgy at 10:32 AM on May 12, 2015

Any thoughts of where we could hold this? My one request is, no 21+-only venues.
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I am staying in the Upper East Side! But I am more than happy to travel.

I kind of like the idea of a picnic meetup in Central Park but I dunno if that would be too much trouble to put together.
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I have no problem with a picnic, but we should prob. pick a backup venue in case we get Weather.
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it is sprotsball

indeed the most dangerous of all ballsprots

posted by Phire at 12:10 PM on May 14, 2015

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