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Thu April 30 at 6:00 PM, Prost
4237 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be staying in Portland April 28th through May 4th! I'd love to have a beer or 3 with some mefites while I'm in town.
I'm staying near the intersection of MLK and Skidmore, and would prefer to go somewhere within a reasonable distance of there, or on a not-too-complex bus ride away. Basically, I'd like to do some drinking and still be able to get home safely.

Other than that, suggestions? I tend towards the beers rather than fancy cocktails.

Do Portland folks go to weekday meetups? I am not a huge fan of big weekend crowds.

OK, Thursday the 30th at Prost at 6 p.m. Excited to meet you folks!
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Also, the is a fantastic opportunity to make SF mefites jealous! I never make it to meetups back home because I work nights and weekends.
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MLK & Skidmore puts you about a half-mile from a great stretch of Mississippi (a few long blocks between Skidmore and Fremont), so very walkable; the Alberta district is also not too far off but probably more like a mile and a half to get from most stuff to where you'll be and vice versa.

One of my favorite places on Mississippi is Prost, a pub on Skidmore and Mississippi that specializes in German/Bavarian beer on tap and tasty sausages and pretzels and such; it's also adjacent to a pod of food carts so there's a lot of other food choices available (that they're fine with bringing onto their patio to go with your beer) if you're not specifically into e.g. currywurst.

But also a bunch of other stuff in the area.

Do Portland folks go to weekday meetups? I am not a huge fan of big weekend crowds.

I don't know if anybody's really against a weekday meetup but it can be sort of catch-as-catch-can depending on schedules. Maybe the evening of Thursday April 30th?
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Also, the is a fantastic opportunity to make SF mefites jealous!

It's working!
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I have a day job, but could make a weekday evening meetup.
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Thursday the 30th at Prost it is! I'll probably show around 6 and hang out until 11 or so. Unless my concept of timing is total shit. Which it often is.
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Prost has really great outdoor seating so if the weather is good we'll probably come.
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I have arrived in Portland! Woooo! It is raining, which, coming from the CA drought, is actually quite lovely. See you all the day after tomorrow.
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Looks like the weather will be nice for sitting outdoors, huzzah!
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Getting an outdoor table might be pretty tough. I just arrived, will be lurking in short order. In a purple shirt with an orange bag.
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Yeh, small table inside (shade!) for now.
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I'm about 10 minutes out. Grey shirt with purple flower, black bag with pink wing.
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Me and Sec and knuck tats just got here as well. I was sort of hoping it'd be all rainy and shit today, this nice-ass weather really brought out a crowd for a weekday.
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We are en route. ETA 6:50.
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Good to meet you, mollymayhem! Could you post or memail me pictures of the Mefite's Guide to Portland? No rush, just whenever. Lots of good suggestions in there!
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I just popped in here to look for the Mefite's Guide, too! I hope it was useful to you, and I would definitely pass it along to some upcoming visitors of mine.
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