Salamandrous' Seattle Adventure (Happy hour, thurs Mar 19, Elysian at 542 1st ave S.)
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Thu March 19 at 5:00 PM, Elysian
542 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
This will be my first time in Seattle, and I'm considering a move there, and I only know about 3 (albeit awesome) people there. My preference is for the evening/happy hour of Thursday March 19 but I could do any evening except Saturday the 21st, if there's another day that works well for more people.
I'll be staying in the East Lake/near Capitol Hill neighborhood (I'm told) and my friend says there's a bunch of good options around there and I'm sure she can supply one if needed. I'm happy to explore a different neighborhood but prefer one easily accessible by transit.

I've been so spoiled by the NYC meetups and this is actually the first one I've ever called. I'd really love to meet Seattle mefites and pick your brains about the city and moving, and anything and everything else!

My default for a meetup is a good bar with food or ordering in options (thanks NYC!) but what do you all usually do? I'm open. Like for example, it could also be a restaurant with drink options :)

(Also please memail/email me if you might be up for a random chat/coffee/drink/tourist excursion, my time is almost completely flexible and I'd love to have new some people to meet up with and get to know!)
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All good bars here have food, and all good restaurants have good drinks. Some are better than others, obviously.

I could do a Thursday happy hour especially if downtown. There are a million and one places to go. What do you like?

I work at UW and could also do lunch on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, if you wanted to come check out north Seattle a bit. memail me!
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Also I have some non-mefite friends who moved here from Brooklyn a few months ago; I can see if they can address any specific questions about that transition.
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I'm heartened by all the 'maybe's despite the incredibly last minute nature of this post.

Librarina, let's do a downtown happy hour for sure! I like bars that aren't too loud or too crowded, cheap is awesome but I wouldn't mind an exceptional cocktail or two (though I'm happy with beer as well). Maybe 5 or 5:30?

Hopefully others can join too! Otherwise, for the maybe's, if there's a better day (maybe Sunday or Monday) I'm definitely happy to have two chances to meet mefites.
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What would folks say about the Elysian at the stadium? This is a 100% selfish choice as it lets me get my train home at 6:12, which I realize is early. I could also meet wherever and suck it up and take the bus.

Anyway I could meet at about 5.
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Also I'm in love with popcorn as a bar snack.
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Great! Let's do it. Is that Elysian Bar at 1516 2nd ave?
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Nope, it's 542 1ST AVE S. SEATTLE, WA 98104 , I'll be there by 5 with Librarina and happy to see anyone else too
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Yeah, this is the one by Safeco Field. I am an old lady so I will have to run over to King Street Station at about 6 to get the train, but I should be there by 5 or shortly thereafter.

Glasses, ponytail, blue-grey blazer, pink t-shirt, red and grey Timbuktu messenger. If I get there first I will be reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.
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Sorry for this late postscript. Thank you so much to librarina for organizing and to the Man of Twists & Turns (80% sure I'm remembering that right) who came. It was so so great to meet you. Blue Jello Elf, thanks for the ride after, and for all your great front page posts! It was so cool to see one after another great post by you and think, "I know her!"

What an great Seattle trip. Crossing my fingers I'll be back soon...
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