Needs a Guide to Charlottesville
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I'm gonna be in Charlottesville on November 7th (Sunday) visiting UVA. Any friendly MeFites want to help me find a place to eat dinner and give me their impressions of the place?
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Heh. I'll be at UVA on Monday 8th.

I go to UVA a couple times a year for work. C-ville has the usual assortment of college town eateries that are in easy walking distance from the campus. Lots to choose from at all price points. Particular favorite: Maya on West Main by the Amtrak station has really good upscale southern food. Mains are in the $20s, but include an enormous amount of locally-sourced food, prepared really well. The buscuits are to die. There's a good sushi restaurant on Main in the downtown mall, though it can be a bit spendy too. There's a free local trolley bus that runs between campus and the downtown pedestrian mall, so that makes it easy to get around and look for stuff, depending on where you are staying. There's loads of bars and restaurants on the historic main street there.

There's a good and reasonable Thai restaurant called Tara Thai located in the Emmet Street strip mall just north of the campus (Barracks Rd Shopping Center, closer to the business school campus). There's also a cute middle eastern place there that does a small, more elegant menu. And there's Carmello's, an Italian-American joint on Emmet Street close to the stadium by the EconoLodge. Decent fish; the usual chicken parm, spag bog, and whatnot.

The Michie Tavern, the 18th C tavern out by Monitcello, is the place that always gets recommended, but you need a car, and I'm never in town long enough to rent one, so I've never been.

Not sure if we can do a meetup, but hope this helps with your stay. The campus is amazing, and worth a tour if you can do one. Feel free to MeMail if you have any other questions.
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Thanks for the recs, amusebuche.
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Michie Tavern has lousy food and all kinds of ambiance; don't go for the food. Monticello is absolutely worth seeing if you never have, or if you haven't been there in a few years.
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As a UVA alum, I am strongly urging you to eat at Marco and Luca's on Main St, next door to the movie theater. Get the sweet and spicy noodles, pork dumplings and veggie bun; thank me later. I have never been more serious about a recommendation in my life.
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