Slush Conference in Helsinki ~ 16th to 20th November
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Hello Mefites, Slush tech and startup conference is happening in Helsinki on 18th and 19th November. Is anyone flying in for this?
There's also a bunch of other related meetings and mini conferences (such as the founding of the African Business Angel Network on 16th and 17th Nov) and I'm going to be volunteering at Slush this year and participating in some of the other events and parties.

If anyone is coming during this period and would like to grab a cup of coffee or try for a meetup, lets try to connect here or directly through MeMail if your schedule doesn't permit a formal meetup. I know exactly where I'll be found for both days of the conference :)
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Ah dammit, I can't come down from Tampere this week. It would be nice to see some of the Helsinki MeFites.
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