Pocha 32: Electric Boogaloo
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Sat November 6 at 6:30 PM, Pocha 32
15 W 32nd St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I would like to hit up Pocha 32 again for spicy soups and foods.
So, we gonna do this again for Korean food and drinking. (Please refer to previous meet up thread here.)

Date and all other details to come shortly. Just wanted to get this on everyone's brain as something to look out for, probably in November.

UPDATE: Threw an imaginary dart at a calendar, and I'm going to say let's do Nov. 6th, and met at 6:30pm. List any concerns objections to this time and date below.
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On average, what was the cost per person? I'd need to know that so I can budget.
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Honestly, I forget, because I'm bad with numbers. I just remember it was quite reasonable. Around the $20-22 per person range, was it?

However, someone else who remembers these kinds of things better than I do should come in verify.
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I'm in. I don't remember the price either, but, I do think it was something more than $20 and less then $30. (Not counting the place we went afterwards for dessert, don't remember how much that was.)
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I'm thinking ~ $25 as well. And to anyone on the fence about going. Get off the fence. You can hurt yourself. Go.
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It was fun the last time out.
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I will attend if at all possible.
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Can we do this sometime Thanksgiving week (November 20-27)? My Dad, visiting from FL, both really wants to go out for Korean and go to a "meat-meet", as he calls them.
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Friday 10/26, perhaps?
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Duh, 11/26.
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I was thinking sooner rather than later only because I'm still not sure what's going on with my Thanksgiving week. Family might want me to come home, go to Mississippi, whatever, it's still all up in the air, so I'm trying to keep that week uncluttered as far as social engagements go until plans firm up within the next week or so.

But if Father PinkSuperHero needs a guide to K-Town (both Pocha and Flushing meat-meets), if I'm in the city I'm more than happy to go to either locations again). It's starting to become like some kind of side job description at this point. I just had to do it for a bunch of corporate chef types recently.
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The pay is generous.

Whenever we do this meetup, I would like to whip my hair back and forth, whip my hair back and forth, whip my hair back and forth with as many of you crazies as possible.
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Also, whenever we decide to meet up, I'll be having a pre-meetup meetup at Face Shop 10 minutes prior.
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UPDATE: Threw an imaginary dart at a calendar, and I'm going to say let's do Nov. 6th, and met at 6:30pm. List any concerns objections to this time and date below.
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We're going to be in NJ during the day; not sure we'll make it back for 6:30, but we'll try!
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I will be in that very neighborhood during the day.
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Aw nuts, would it help if the time was pushed to like 7:30?

Grobstein: What level of veggie friendly? Not vegan, but we got tofu and seafood and other veggie options that will probably work for you.
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I don't eat seafood, but I'm a fan of tofu. If tofu and vegetables can be had without meat / fish ingredients, that is very friendly to me. Thanks.
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I love korean food and I just joined metafilter! So i would like to come. but how do i avoid walking around looking clueless? will everyone wear green shirts with white writing or something?!:)
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6:30 is probably fine, we don't need to stay in Jersey all day long.
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We'll find you I promise, if you want I can send a picture of me...FLIPPING MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH

But seriously though, I will probably be wearing rainbow leg warmers and would be totally happy to meet you beforehand or something if you want.
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grobstein: I will make it my mission to find something for you to eat on the menu if you do show up and make any special requests. And just for you, next meet up I'm calling will be at BCD Tofu House.
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bquarters, we will be the coolest nerds on the block. Can't miss us. ;-0 BTW I may have convinced the girlfriend to come along.
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Cool! Ok, I'm definitely down w that!
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No objections to time and date but my wallet is groaning a little. Lemme crunch some numbers and get back to you.
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Dang it! I'm in NYC on that day but I'll be at a wedding and I'm leaving the next day.
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New to the nyc and this looks like alot of fun and would love to come. Have the same question as bquarters, is it alright if I just would show up!? Thanks
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Chillmost: Aw, that sucks. I mean don't get me wrong, congrats to the couple and everything. It's like great timing, yet not.

fatty: There's no hazing or initiation rituals to meetup showing up. Come on down.

We'll definitely meet up outside for some initial grouping up before going in since the place is on the second floor. If you'd rather spot the obvious group milling about on the sidewalk, just try to show up as close to the start time as possible. Like I said in the previous meetup thread at this same location, this spot is communal dining only, so it's best to try and stick with the group anyway. Last time we were there I think we were pretty much done a little under the 2 hour mark before deciding to move on to another location for dessert.

If it still makes you nervous, maybe check out previous meet ups for photos and try to find some faces to remember from those who are sure to come or I don't know memail me or something and we'll figure it out.
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thanks alot kkokkodalk - I look forward to meeting you all
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Sorry, just realized that mom's coming back from Florida at 7PM Sat. I'm guessing she'd rather not sit at the airport all night, so I have to beg off. Have a Soju for me and have fun. Catch you all next time.
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This sounded like fun last time, and I haven't been to a meetup in a long while, but the inability to gauge exactly how much this might cost/inability to get a separate check means I'm out this time.
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Oh s**t. I just posted this meetup for Sunday!! The only day I could make after a bundle of discussions with the people I'm visiting & I'm back to the UK on Monday afternoon :-(
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Ok, looks like we're in for sure. I'll be at Face Shop a little before the meetup! YAAAAAAY PRODUCTS!!!!!
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TPS: Oh, gurl. I need to introduce you to a little Korean secret. You need to get your hands on some BB Cream. We'll talk.
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It turns out I have a birthday dinner to go to....things always take place on the same days!! I really wanted to come! Might try to make tomorrow afternoon's meet up but..NO korean food:( Will keep eyes open for next one. Thanks for the organizing and welcoming-ness!:)
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No way I can do this unfortunately -- have fun y'all and I will definitely try to come to any kind of Tofu House.
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When do you plan to be getting cosmetics?
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I am not feeling too well. Have a great time!
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crap, double booked, and it's a friend's bday. I'm still feeling under the weather, so it's probably better I don't infect you all.
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Heading home. You are all congenial people.
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Great meal, thanks kkokkodalk! (And, for future Pocha 32 meetup reference, the tab came to $122 plus tip, divided by 8 people.)
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So nice to see you all!
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oh yeah!: I was just about to post this same thing! But I will further clarify for cmgonzalez and posterity and say that it was $18 a head (which included tip) and we had one order each of the G.I. soup, the BBQ beef, the chicken w/ cheese and red peppers, the squid+pig combo, the scallion pancake and the yogurt soju. Larger meetups would scale up the amount of food, I believe, and the most people who can fit around one circular table is 8.

Everything was so delicious! Many thanks to kkokkodalk for organizing and ordering and also to newbie New Yorker fatty for making me look good when we played pool at the Albatross later.
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