Seattle Bumper Car Meetup
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Sat October 30 at 6:00 PM, Fun Forest Entertainment Pavilion
400 Broad St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I just remembered that the Fun Forest will be gone soon and wanted to propose a bumper car meet up before it closes.
Here are the details--the Fun Forest is now open on weekends only. The hours are as follows:
Friday 11 AM-7 PM

Saturday 11 AM-8 PM

Sunday 11 AM- 7 PM
Fun Forest parties are thus and so:
Party Packages

Please reserve at least 3 days in advance. Please call 206-728-1585 Mon. through Fri. 9 to 4:15

Party Package A

$12 per person includes:
1 hour total time *unlimited rides, 1 game of Lazer Tag, and one five minute
session on the Climbing Wall.

Party Package B

$18 per person includes:
2 hours total time **unlimited rides, 1 game of Lazer Tag and one five minute
session on the Climbing Wall.

MasterCard, Visa or cash please.
On the website, it says the Fun Forest is open until the end of October. However, I just called and was told that it will probably stay open until the end of the year. I am, however, not entirely certain this is true.

As to the party package, it involves getting a wristband and then waiting in line with the rest of the folks for your turn at a ride, so there is no exclusivity, no after hours party--so, it can't be MetaFilter only. I don't know about you but I am OK with this. We can gang up on the other people tag team style. Or just their kids. [ kiddin' ! [ well, maybe... ] ] Also, there is no minimum--you get a wristband and it covers the length of time you pay for--$12 for one hour, $18 for two.

So, I am thinking we shoot for Saturday, October 30th with an aprs bumper car lounge to be chosen by acclamation--the Mecca, the Five Point and Ozzie's come to my mind but, then again, will they be too crowded after 8 PM ? So, I am certainly open to suggestion in regards to a beverage serving after meetup meetup location.

OK, then--let me know what you think...Confirmation update: I used the Space Needle's address to get the map to work. The Entertainment Pavilion is right behind the Needle from Broad Street, just on the other side of the kiddie rides.
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I would be interested. The Rally to Restore Sanity is that morning, and I've added an IRL event listing for it too.
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Well, as I said above, when I called Friday, the young man on the phone said the Fun Forest would be open weekends until the end of the year--but the webpage says The Fun Forest Pavilion and rides are contracted to remain through Oct. 2010. That is a bit more ambiguous a statement.

In any case, I think I will make the Rally in the morning and then plan to go to the Pavilion in the Fun Forest in the evening with my friends Susan and Vera and Vera's daughter Jaya, and get there around 6-ish, hang around for awhile and then buy an hour or two's worth of bumper car action, depending on how things turn out.

And if it works out and the Fun Forest stays open until the end of the year, another meetup bumper cars style could be arranged again.

And if it closes after next weekend, well, at least we will have the memories and then we will always have Paris--or, in this case, Edmonds... Which is, all things considered, kinda grim pickin's...
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I'd go to this on the 30th!
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Smells like Teen Meetup Spirit!
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Well, after looking at that last remark these past two mornings, I find myself hoping my giddy therein did not come across as snarky...

--and thinking that the chorus of Smells Like Teen Spirit works with just pasta names, as in:

and Fuselli,
and Lasagna
and on and on and on...

Well, I guess , should the Fun Forest and Pavilion not be open after Halloween, that we ought to make this one official for this Saturday, October 30th.

I am thinking a start of 6:00 PM with a one hour bracelet works for myself and friends. And you ?

Any suggestions to the contrary ? If not, I will post this official later this after noon along with any suggestions as to a location for postbumper redezvous for the nondesignated drivers.

Or should that be the designated drinkers ?

Well, I suppose we could wing that part, make it up as we go along and post it here when and if, if not where.
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The 30th works well for me. I'm fine with any time and any post-event shenanigans.
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Ah, just saw this. A friend told me there's some kind of Halloween festivities this weekend at Seattle Center which sound like good clean fun as well. Alas, my band has a show that night and I won't be able to make it, although if anyone wants to trek up to Greenwood after bumper cars, we'll be playing at Sweet Lou's sometime after 9. No cover.
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So here's an update: I am planning on being at the Entertainment Pavilion with my friend Vera, her kid and a couple of her kid's friends, and since we'll be bussing it over from Capitol Hill on the #8, we plan on being there sometime between 6 and 6:30. And my friend Susan will be meeting us there around then, too. So, you will be seeing at least one familiar face sometime between the aforementioned times.

Unless I have yet to meet you. But it should still be easy enough to figure out--the kids will be in costume and I will look old enough to be their grandpa. That may or may not narrow things down.

Oh, yeah, I believe Jaya is going as Princess Mononoke, so be on the lookout for a 10 year old anime princess with a wolf's tail... Or something along those lines.
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I'm getting on the #8 as well which should be at this stop in a minute according to one bus away. See you soon.
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ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! Shut down early!
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It's shutdown ... :(
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It's the End Times...
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Well, I hope not--but I wish I had paid more attention to the line Hours are weather and crowds permitting, because the weather yesterday was certainly not permitting.

Still there was a bit of fun to be had on the way in: by the fountain, there was the Hello Kitty Pop Up Small Shop booth, truck and trailer with a wide array of Hello Kitty kitschy tchotzkes including appropriately themed flashdrives, skateboard deck, Yahtzee and Monopoly games. Hello Kitty Monopoly--who knew ? And there was a [human] life sized Hello Kitty dressed up Gothic Lolita style--with whom Jaya had her picture taken.

That was before she lost her tooth--which seemed fitting somehow. Well, Vera and Jaya had an later appointment at the Halloween party at the Boys and Girls Club in Wallingford, for which Susan volunteered to drive them and so we four made our farewells to kthxbi with a pit stop by the Center House on our way out. Where there was an El Dia de Muerte theme going on--I bought a black t-shirt with a skeleton family on a bicycle, which helped snap me out of the deer in the headlights funk in which I had fallen to find the Fun Forest dark.

All the same, I refuse to give up just yet, so I am calling tomorrow to see if this weekend was it for the Fun Forest. And if not, I will run this back up the flagpole again, albeit with a loner lead time and an earlier start time. It may seem a fool's errand but, dang it, I knew canoeing would be fun--and it was--and so I know this can be as well. So, stay tuned.
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Looking forward to it, Karl!
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Aaah, NOT A FAN of the irl site! I totally missed this and am selfishly pleased there's a possibility of a reschedule. I am staying tuned via recent activity, now!
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Aaah, NOT A FAN of the irl site!

I think switching meetups over to the IRL have royally screwed meetups. People just don't go to IRL anywhere as often as they do Meta. All the good intentions in the world are not going to make people do what they should be doing--this is one of those situations where no one thought about the first, do no harm part of the equation. There are so many new steps which makes proposing a meetup a multiple part entrance examination and then relegates the post to what might as well be as much as any new members or infrequent visitors are concerned. Where's the shared enthusiasm and camaraderie in that ? It wasn't broke on the user end, so why fix it ?

Meetups should have their own Meetups only site if they have to be cut off from Meta. It is not the same thing as some flash crowd hey, I'm going to First Thursday tomorrow, how about you ? It's a meetup, for god's sake, not some excuse for more bells and whistles and dual headlight kits for the old 57 Chevy.What we don't need is something like Twitter for idiots. I mean, like Twitter, that is....

Oh, c'mon, man... I keed. I keed.

About the Twitter, that is.

IRL for meetups is still the suxor, imho...

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Totally missed this too.

Hey, did the potstickers tasting thing happen?
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