Hi Chicago! *waves*
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Fri August 22 at 7:00 PM, Pequod's Pizza
2207 North Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Would any of you wonderful Chicago folks like to hang out with a couple of Bay Area mefites visiting your area around August 22nd or 23rd?
My BFF Sarahnade and I will be in town for a week starting Tuesday 8/19 until Tuesday 8/24. It's a Summer vacation sort of thing, so we're pretty open, schedule-wise. We have no idea where the good meetup spots are, so we're also wide open venue-wise as well! Maybe someplace that has beer and/or pizza? Does Chicago like those things?
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Does Chicago like beer and pizza, he says.
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The answer is Pequods. It does deep dish pizza the best.
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PEQUOD'S. I have been craving Pequod's.

If we do it the 23rd, could we do it later? baniak has a Kubb IRL that day, and I think he would like to attend pizza eating. (also, for us, the 23rd works WAY better than the 22nd, as baniak will not be back from work travel in time to go.)
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The only thing Chicago seems to have more of than beer and pizza is mefi meetups.
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I leave town on the 23rd forever, so if we could make it the 22nd I'd be happier.
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woah, so soon, GTM? we'll miss you!
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Actually, baniak'll be in town both nights, so either works! (Yay!)
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this is a big maybe for me, but I'd love to meet you guys.
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Can we firm this up to the 22nd so that we can say goodbye to GTM forever?
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The way you've phrased that (based on the way GTM phrased it, I realize) makes it sound like we've started ending our meetups with a ritual sacrifice. Which, okay, I guess, if we're all agreed on this.
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Actually, we only need n-1 people to agree. If you haven't already agreed then you are probably the -1.
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OMG Pequod's.
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I hope we are doing this because man I want Pequod's.
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Sam isn't responding to my teeeexxxts. Hopefully today I'll get him to set it in stone!

I'm excited to meet you guys!
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I hope we are doing this too, because man, now I want Pequod's too!

Sorry I haven't been checking in on the thread. It looks like the 22nd works for most people, so I'll go ahead and update the thread. Does 7pm work?
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Oh, apparently Pequod's has more than one location! Let me know if this one works, or if I should change it.

Wow. Pizza, beer, and meetups. Who knew we all had that stuff in common?
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Yeah Sam that's the one, I'd already asked the same question.
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Would someone who's going to be there swap phone numbers with me in case of emergency since I'm coming from out of state? Adam used to be my Sherpa but I don't see him on here.
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wait is this a thing
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Is what a thing? Sherpas? Well it makes me feel better anyways to have someone I know that I can text and say "I'm terribly lost!" Though with GPS it hopefully won't happen.
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My number is actually in my profile specifically for IRL occasions, and I can either help you if you are lost or hand my phone to someone who can.
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I have never been to Pequod's before (I KNOW) - should we be calling in a reservation or will they be okay with dealing with an unannounced large group of uncertain size?

If any of the maybes know for sure whether or not they are attending and can update their RSVP, that could be helpful!

IndigoRain, you probably still have my cell number, but it's in my profile if you need it!
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I was just coming in to ask if we had a reservation. We should attempt to make one, at any rate.
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Thanks everyone. What name is the reservation under?
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Just emailed the reservations number for 14 people at 7 - got offered 5 PM or 9
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5 won't work. so I'd say 9.
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I wonder if they could accommodate a smaller number (10 or 12)? I'm not in a good position to make a call at the moment to explain our situation, but if someone could do that - saying we have 10 confirmed but may have a few more joining us - maybe they could help us out with figuring out a best time. I'm okay with going at 9 pm if we need to, but maybe over the phone they could help us find a time closer to 7.

If nobody else can call I can do it later this afternoon!

If we do end up with a time later than 7, are there any good places nearby to meet for an hour or two before heading to Pequod's?
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Okay there's a reservation for 9 under Patrick. If anyone else is able to do better let me know.
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I'm going to jump in here and suggest drinks at the neighboring Drinkingbird at 7pm. Then if our table opens up early at Pequod's we can head over. A friend is checking to see if they can set a couple of tables aside for us.
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Earlier would be awesome if we can get one.
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The only bar I know remotely close to there is Maeve on Wrightwood which is not really a meet-up sort of place. (stupid failure to preview!)
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Patrick, is your reservation for 7pm?
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9pm, 14 people
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Okay, then meet at drinkingbird at 7, transfer to pequod's at 9 or earlier if a table opens up. Sounds like a plan?
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Just got some bad family news and am not going to be able to make it out tonight after all.
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i'm sorry, jess, take care.
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I'm sorry Jessy.
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I'm sorry Jessy, we'll miss you. Hope all is ok.
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I'll be at Drinkingbird momentarily - wearing a blue and white striped shirt for those that may not otherwise know me.
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I am still at work and have to go home before I can come back out, so may not be there till after 8.
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We're at drinkingbird , in a double booth past the bar. If you get to the pool table you've gone too far.
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I thought this wasn't happening til later, I would like to go though, plz keep the thread updated if you're going somewhere else?
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Denail and I are on our way.
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We've moved to the back patio at drinkingbird.
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OK so I just pulled my bumper off so I'm gonna be a little late.
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Oh no!! I hope you and your car are okay!

We're waiting outside pequod's now.
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Well, all of you Chicago MeFites are profoundly great. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you all and I enjoyed myself a bunch. Please don't be weirded out if I go and follow you all on Twitter.
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And no one died!
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Me and baniak are still at the ER! I have a slightly broken ankle!! I GET WEAPONS.
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Broken cars, family emergencies, broken bibliogrrls...what the heck, guys!
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I CONCUR! ENJOY NOTMAINE, GOINGTOMAINE. Also, if you're ever back in town, let TINCC know and we'll run up the flag.
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GtM, I am so glad you got to be in Chicago during our most active meetup summer on record because it meant that I actually managed to get out of my house and I got to meet you instead of doing what I normally do which is hide at home with my blinds closed and AC on and grump incessantly until autumn.
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Farewell, Going to Maine!
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