Wood-chuckin' 2: Electric Kubbaloo
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Sat August 23 at 2:00 PM, Winnemac Park
North Damen Avenue & West Winnemac Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I had a blast last time (and first time) I played kubb, so I am going to host another meetup to do the exact same thing!
This time we actually sort of know what we are doing (i.e. smaller playing field = games that don't last until Ragnarök) so we should have more games and thus more kubb-related blood feuds.

This time I will not be bringing a grill so I suggest bringing snacks that don't involve cooking... or bringing your own grill.

As always, stereotypical Viking helmets are encouraged.
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This is the day before an all day girl scout trip to A PLACE THAT HAS WOLVES THAT YOU CAN PET AND ALSO A BEAR so I'm a low likelihood maybe, but I strongly support Kubb2.0 in theory.
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this is bike camping weekend.
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helmet reporting for duty!
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Ahahaha. I fell last night on the way to a meetup, and now I have crutches! Needless to say I will not be at kubb. :D
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I was just coming here to ask for a status update after seeing something about an ER visit! I'm sorry that happened and I hope you're okay!

My day is really up in the air while I wait for a phone call from my mom so I am afraid I have to downgrade myself to a maybe.
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Hey everybody... Sorry for such short notice... looks like there is going to be a thunderstorm at approximately kubb time. I'm going to cancel.
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Yeah it's super hot out there. Reschedule yes!
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I think you made an excellent call! I am very glad not to be outside right now.
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I was outside right then in the rain, halfway through a 40 mile bike ride. it was unpleasant.
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