Toronto VegFest!
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Sat September 6 at 1:00 PM, Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8, Canada (Map & Directions)
Hey, TO MeFites, I'll be in town Labour Day weekend for my first trip to the VegFest.
If any veggie-minded or veg-friendly MeFites want to hang out with me that would be awesome. (Also: if you can recommend an affordable one night accomodation for me, that would be great!)

I'll be coming in from Kingston via the bus, so I hope to get to the city relatively early so I can enjoy my time. I hope to see some of you!
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I will be in town that weekend as well, and would be available to hang out until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon on the 6th :D
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Ahh, I'm at RiotFest that weekend so I will probably be less available. Enjoy the city!
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Dang I'm either at a friend's cottage or doing the epic tour Halton that day :(
Have a good time!
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This sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately I'm kind of getting married to another Mefite that afternoon. ;) I hope you find a bunch of people to go!
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My in-laws stayed at a U of T residence recently for 1 night and they said it was decent. Here's the link. Their online calendar doesn't have Saturday September 6th on there... but you could call and see about the availability. It appears to be $100/night. It's really near the Greyhound Bus Terminal and about a 25-minute walk from the Veg Fest.
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Update on plans: turns out taking VIA rail is just as cheap as taking Megabus! (No, really!) I will be arriving around 9:30 am at Union Station, gotta go up to the Annex to check into my B&B, and then I should arrive at the festival site around noon. Memail me if you want my mobile number as the date draws closer.) Full disclosure: I am planning to eat SO MANY THINGS.
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Bumping this up in everyone's IRL feeds to let you know I'm still coming into town on Saturday!
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