Emergency Seattle Bereavement Expedition
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hellojed's grandfather just passed away, and he would like to have drinks tonight before he flies home tomorrow.
We haven't settled on a starting place yet, so if you have ideas, please suggest away; otherwise we'll probably end up in Pioneer Square because that's where I always end up.
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I can stop by after work.
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My schedule is pretty dumb and restrictive (long commute at the mercy of public transit), but I might be able to come after work.
Obviously my schedule is not the point here, but here are my parameters:
If it's a start early/end early thing, closer to King Street Station (Elysian?) would be better for me so I can catch the 612 train (the last one); if it's a start later/end later thing, anywhere downtown or P.Sq along 1st/2nd/3rd works for me as that's the bus route.

Trying to convince stet to come up from the farm and join us, but we are expecting baby turkeys in the mail today and he might not want to leave them alone for that long. If nothing else, I will bring cute pictures of turklets.
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Oh wait -- I just got the notification for this today -- was this yesterday? :(
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It was yesterday and silly short notice. However, I'm sure hellojed wouldn't mind a return outing after he gets back to town.
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