Radlers at the Radler! (MoMu15)
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Tue July 15 at 7:00 PM, The Radler
2375 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Come sip a radler (a beer cocktail consisting of lager and fruit soda) at the Radler (a neo-Bierstube in Logan Square)!
The event I'd previously scheduled for the 15th ("Crepes at the Creperie!") had to be moved back to the 20th. It would be a dire shame to leave the fifteenth day of the Fifteenth Anniversary Month unobserved, so I'm subbing in a little trip to the land of beer cocktails and potato salad.
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(There's no possibility that recent Fußball events influenced my choice of venue. Let's just get that out of the way right now.)
posted by Iridic at 4:44 PM on July 13, 2014

I can do this. I'm not out of town. Heck, Das Radler is a fave.
posted by eriko at 6:26 AM on July 14, 2014

I might do this? It's walking distance from my house, so.
posted by Juliet Banana at 6:47 AM on July 14, 2014

if more of the "maybes" confirm that they're going i will definitely go. LOOKING AT YOU, TORRIDLY
posted by Juliet Banana at 7:15 AM on July 15, 2014

Walking distance from me too and I would love to meet everybody. How do the noobs find you all?
posted by deliciae at 8:55 AM on July 15, 2014

deliciae -- best bet it to check out the avatars on the mefi user pages. Some of those avatars aren't too helpful, but then if you click the link to twitter or facebook you'll get a good picture of all of the Attendings up there.
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How do the noobs find you all?

I'll figure out some sort of signal. Nametags have worked well before.

if more of the "maybes" confirm that they're going...

I'd appreciate this too!
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Well, I figure if nobody shows up, I'm at the Radler with either a Radler or a Maßkrug of hefewizen. Which means, fundamentally, there's no downside here.
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There's an in-store at Bric-a-Brac Records tonight, so maybe I'll stop by on my way home.
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I am about a 90% yes and am just trying to overcome lethargy about getting myself there since it's an awkward trip from my house. I will update later once I know for sure!
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I will be there and I have changed my profile picture to look more like me in that I took it this morning and will not be changing clothes beforehand.

(I will probably not be wearing earbuds, which I swear I did not realize I had in the entire time I took that picture.)

I attempted to load this changed picture about the time Metafilter slowed down/went down earlier today and spent a while thinking it was my fault.
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Okay: I've reserved a table for ~8 people at 7:00. If they ask for the organizer's name when you come in, it's Sean Sullivan.

Bis später!
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Also, I am about 90% sure I will take a cab back to the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square area tonight. so if the idea of riding back to the Irving Park/Ashland general area on someone else's dime rather than public transport changes any of my almost-neighbors who are 'maybes' to 'yes', consider the offer made.
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Okay, I am going to do this!

I'm wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans, and I just changed my profile picture to a picture of me. Someone will probably update with table location after we're seated, too.
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Not gonna work out for me after all tonight. Determined to make it out at some point! Thanks for all the picture-updating though - look how cute the Chicago cabal (there is none) is.
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We're seated right near the window. Pretzels on the way!
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This was a very good idea!
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sorry I'm a jerk who got drunk at bric-a-brac then ate pizza alone at dante's
posted by Juliet Banana at 8:00 PM on July 15, 2014

I'm sad I missed an elusive eriko sighting.
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Sorry I've been elusive, but because of odd work circumstances, Wednesdays almost never work.
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