3rd Annual Ivar's Salmon House Summer Meetup
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Sun July 13 at 3:00 PM, Ivar's Salmon House
401 Northeast Northlake Way, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's summer. We've gone to Ivar's Salmon House each of the last two summers. They have a deck. We're doing it again, on Sunday, July 13 at 3pm. According to the cheerful Ivar's receptionist I just spoke to, 3pm is a pretty safe bet for a table on the deck outside. Reservations have been made, see you Sunday.
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That's the day of the World Cup final, followed by a Sounders - Timbers game at home, so my life that day is entirely given over to soccer.
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I'm allergic to shellfish - menu seems to have other options, though. I can only come if we could sit outside - but totally up for it if so! Decks look awesome!
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Don't want to mess with tradition, but Eastlake Bar & Grill or Agua Verde could be good back-ups if no deck availability at Ivars.
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I vote for some park where I can smoke and throw back Red.

EDIT oh wait nevermind 13th is spoken for.
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Sorry soccer fans! If in the next few days we could build a consensus around some other time, I'm totally all for that. I figure I'll see if anyone pipes up soon and then call for reservations or whatever around mid-week.
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I would be free the following Sunday, July 20th, if we wanted to try that instead.
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I will also have my soul consumed by soccer on the 13th.
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The 20th would work better for me as well.
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I'll be out of town on the 20th unfortunately. If in a few days it looks like there are still some of us on for this Sunday I'll finalize the details and catch up with everyone else at the next one.
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It's unlikely I can make this one - work, Sounders.
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How about the following weekend then?
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The following weekend we should go to Chuck's Hop Shop, because it is awesome here.
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How about the following weekend then?

No karaoke.
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Maybe not. Not as a starter.
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No karaoke.

Yes Karaoke
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I will do karaoke.
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It's clear that you don't recall meeting me, because there is always karaoke.
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Oh, I remember karaoke. That's why I don't want to do it again.
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Alright, confirmed for Sunday at 3. I'll probably get there ahead of time.
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I'd like to come. I am a single father this weekend so maybe not, but I've always wanted to bring my boys to a meet up and this is down the street from my house. Not sure what would be more fun, watching Mefites' reaction to me not drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney, or watching my kids' reaction to me drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney.

See, honey, this is what happens when you leave the kids alone with me for the weekend! Sorry about the baby's diaper...I totally spaced that he needs changing once in a while...
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I'm here, and in the bar, waiting for them to seat us outside at 3. I've got short blondish hair, wearing a blue/yellow Mariners jersey; I'll update with location on the deck once seated.
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I should be there before 4. Gray T-shirt, white shorts.
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We're watching the remains of the world cup
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We've moved to the deck, but it's like a secret deck that is not just outside of the bar, but is accessible by walking straight back once you get into the joint, and then making a left to get outside. We are up on the right once you step outside.
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I worked there in the olden days. They have a great policy where every potential manager has to work each job for a week. You wanna be a manager? You are dishwasher first, for a week, then busboy, for a week. then waitron for a week, then whatever they call that person with boobs that meets people at the door for a week. Then a cook for a week.

All the wait staff there were asian and female and older beause that translates to PNW indian I suppose. Two stories: One was a kid fell and was hurt and he was calling for his dad which the waitresses there found amazing. The other was a waitress asked me what it was, water in the air, and I correctly responded "humidity". I'm proud of that.

Ivars fucks up Salmon like none other. Serioulsy. It's fucking horrible.

The Lake Union place is gorgeous if a bit loud under the freeway.

The chowder and nectar are great.
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